Charge Mode Accelerometer Portable Calibrator

Calibrate Differential Turbine Accelerometers | Model C9110D

Similar in operation to Portable Vibration Calibrator, Model 9110D, Model C9110D, is a Portable Vibration Calibrator with charge amplifier input. The C9110D supports the calibration of both single-ended and differential charge accelerometers and is supplied with a 7/16-27 2-pin MIL to BNC cable for the calibration of high temperature turbine vibration sensors that have a differential output. Model C9110D is also ideal for calibrating ICP accelerometers, velocity transducers, proximity probes, and piezoresistive sensors over a wide operating frequency and amplitude range.



  • Create Calibration Certificates for Vibration Instrumentation
  • Portable, Lightweight Design with Long Battery Life
  • Low Frequency Operation to 5 Hz
  • Stepped Sine Tests with Pass/Fail Notification After Each Point
  • Differential Charge Accelerometer Connection Cable Supplied


  • In-House Calibration of Vibration Instrumentation
  • Loop Checks & System Troubleshooting
  • Testing Charge Amplifiers Used in Aviation & Energy Applications
  • Proximity Probe Testing & Checks for Mismatched Systems

The unit is a compact, battery-powered, and completely self-contained vibration reference source, which can be conveniently used to calibrate individual sensors, vibration switches, and data collectors, as well as to validate the entire measurement channel of a condition monitoring or recording system. An integral precision quartz reference accelerometer and closed-loop level control gives the C9110D enhanced stability and superior vibration calibration over an extended 5 Hz to 10 kHz frequency range. The device is packaged in a rugged Pelican® Storm case.

CALROUTE firmware allows technicians to program repetitive calibration test points and pass/fail tolerances for both frequency response and linearity. The C9110D creates professional, ISO-17025 compliant calibration certificates that are fully customizable. The C9110D is supplied with an accuracy calibration certificate. Calibration of the C9110D is accredited to the ISO 17025 standard by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).


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Frequency Range (operating) [1]5 Hz to 10 kHz300 to 600k CPM
Maximum Amplitude (50 Hz, 10-gram payload)20 g pk196 m/s² pk
Accuracy of Displayed Acceleration & Sensitivity Readout (10 Hz to 10 kHz) [2] [3]±3 %
Operating Battery Life [4]18 hours
Weight18 lb8.2 kg
Sensor Mounting Platform Thread Size¼-28

[1] 100-gram payload
[2] Measured with 10-gram quartz reference accelerometer
[3] Calculated by measuring the % difference between the known sensitivity of a reference accelerometer as calibrated by laser primary system per ISO 16063-11 and the measured sensitivity of same reference accelerometer when tested at the same points
[4] As shipped from factory in new condition and measured at 100 Hz, 1 g pk with 100-gram payload


For a more comprehensive list of accessories, please see the Product Specification Sheet.

081B20¼-28 to ¼-28 Adaptor
081A0810-32 to ¼-28 Adaptor
M081A63M8 x 1.25 M to ¼-28 M Mounting Stud
081M165M8 x 1 M to ¼-28 M Mounting Stud
PVC-MNT01M8 x 1.25 F Thru Hole Mounting Pad
PVC-MNT02M8 x 1 F Thru Hole Mounting Pad
PVC‑HTMNT01 & PVC‑HTMNT02Mounting pads for 3- and 4-bolt high temp differential charge mode accelerometers and magnetic coil vibration sensors. Example models include Endevco series 6222S and 6233C, CEC 4‑128 and others within the product line, Dytran 5334 and 5355 [1]
045ET005ACDifferential Charge Sensor Mating Cable, 716 2-pin MIL to BNC, Model 045ET005AC
9100-PPA01Proximity probe adaptor kit for probes with 5 mm or 8 mm tip diameter [2]
9100-PRPiezoresistive accelerometer calibration option for Portable Vibration Calibrators. Includes Endevco 4418 bridge signal conditioner, connection cable to push terminals and mounting plate
9155-MNT93½-20 F to ¼-28 F Mounting Pad
9155-MNT43¼” NPT F Mounting Adaptor to ¼-28 M
9155-MNT73⅜-24 M to ¼-28 M Mounting Stud
9155-MNT07Adhesive Mounting Target

[1] Multi-hole mounting plates are convenient but not optimized for the best calibration results. The Modal Shop offers a full line of customized mounting pads validated in our calibration lab for precise results. Contact us for more information.
[2] For metric unit micrometer, use Model 9100-MPPA01


Product Support Included with Purchase

  • NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration, Accredited to ISO 17025 by A2LA
  • USB Flash Memory Drive: Loaded with CALROUTE Workbook
  • Certificate Generated via Unit Memory: Frequency Response & Linearity for AC Voltage Output Transducers
  • Certificate Generated Via User-Input: Vibration Analyzer/Meter Linearity & Frequency Response Accuracy, Linearity for 4-20 mA Vibration Transmitters, Proximity Probe Curves (Gap vs. DC Voltage)
  • Quickstart Guide Available in English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Polish, Russian, & German
  • 2-Year Warranty, Inclusive of Drift/Accuracy
  • Technical Training Webinars Available Upon Request, 24/7 Video Library

Sensors Supported

The C9110D creates ISO 17025 compliant calibration reports via ISO 16063-21 methodology for the following vibration sensor types:

  • Integrated circuit piezoelectric (ICP®)
  • Differential piezoelectric charge
  • Single-ended piezoelectric charge
  • Moving coil (i.e. self-generating, voltage output)
  • Piezoresistive (external bridge signal conditioner required)
  • Proximity probes (eddy current probes)
  • Capacitive sensors (external signal conditioner required)
  • Modulated current vibration sensors (external signal conditioner required)

Simplifying Mounting

Each Portable Vibration Calibrator with Charge Amplifier Input Model C9110D is supplied with two mounting plates designed for the most popular 3 and 4-hole bolt patterns used on high temperature differential piezoelectric charge accelerometer designs and moving coil sensors. The following sensor models and series are supported:

  • Vibro-Meter: CA 134, CE 134, CA 202, CA 280, CE 281, CA 303, CA 306, CE 311
  • Bently Nevada: 330450, 330750, 350900
  • Endevco: 6233C, 6222M, 6222S and 6240 series
  • Dytran: 3085C and 3235 series
  • B&K: 8324
  • Metrix: 5485C, SA6350
  • CEC: 4‑123, 4‑125, 4‑126, 4‑128, 4‑130, 4‑137, 4‑138, 4‑170, 4‑171
  • PCB: 357 & EX600B series, EX615A42 and EX619A11