How to Calibrate Industrial Vibration Sensors

Accelerometers | 4-20 mA Vibration | CLD Sensors

9110D portable vibration calibrator product 2The industrial predictive maintenance and condition monitoring market utilizes unique sensor types and transducers with alternate power schemes. Portable Vibration Calibrators and Shaker Tables from The Modal Shop are offered with a wide variety of accessories to support testing the accuracy of these technologies. As an A2LA accredited calibration lab, our company has the experience to help technicians encountering these unique sensors get the job done right.


4-20 mA Vibration Sensor Certification
Test 4-20 mA vibration sensors in the field with a Portable Vibration Calibrator | VIDEO

Pruftechnik CLD Accelerometer Calibration
Portable Vibration Calibrators are an ideal choice for calibration of Current Line Drive (CLD) accelerometers by Pruftechnik | VIDEO

190501 Velomitor CT Transducer Low Frequency Calibration
How to calibrate a 190501 Velomitor CT Transducer, low-frequency version of 330500 Velomitor, at low frequencies | VIDEO

GE Bently Nevada 330400 and 330425 Accelerometer Calibration
How to test GE Bently Nevada 330400 or 330425 acceleration transducers with Portable Shaker Table | VIDEO

GE Bently Nevada 200150 Accelerometer Calibration
How to calibrate GE Bently Nevada 200150, 200155, and 200157 Trendmaster Accelerometers with Portable Vibration Calibrator | VIDEO

Testing GE LM2500 Gas Turbine Vibration Monitoring
How to test GE LM2500 Gas Turbine Vibration Monitoring with a battery-operated Portable Vibration Calibrator | VIDEO

Power Gen Company Saves with Portable Vibration Calibrator
Learn how Power Gen companies save money, ensure safety, and avoid discarding sensors by validating sensors on the plant floor | VIDEO

Moving Coil Velocity Transducer Calibration
Test moving coil velocity transducers, also known as seismoprobes, with a Shaker Table to validate sensors and create calibration certificates | VIDEO