Pruftechnik CLD Accelerometer Calibration

Calibrator and Signal Conditioner for Current Line Drive Transducers

Current Line Drive (CLD) accelerometers by Pruftechnik are unique in the marketplace because the output sensitivity is scaled in units of AC current as opposed to AC voltage. When paired with Model 9100-PS07-PT signal conditioner, The Modal Shop’s Model 9110D, C9110D, or 9110F Portable Vibration Calibrators provide a turnkey solution for on-site calibration of Pruftechnik’s tandem-piezo CLD sensors.

The 9100-PS07-PT signal conditioner has the following features:

  • TNC input and cable that mates directly to Pruftechnik accelerometers from series VIB 6.10x, 6.12x, 6.13x, 6.14x
  • BNC output and cable for connection to Portable Vibration Calibrator
  • Calibrated resistance value
  • USB powered via connection on Portable Vibration Calibrator

Mounting options are available for all Pruftechnik accelerometers. M8, ¼-28 and magnetic mounting are supplied accessories with all Portable Vibration Calibrators from The Modal Shop. We offer optional M5 and UNC 5⁄16 adapters as well as bonding agent and adhesive target.

The Modal Shop’s Portable Vibration Calibrators provide on-site calibration and troubleshooting of all Pruftechnik accelerometer types including:

  • Current Line Drive (CLD) accelerometers with TNC or 2-pin MIL connections
  • Low-speed machinery sensors such as VIB 6.172 (ICP) and 6.195 (CLD)
  • ICP Accelerometers with M12 connection such as VIB 6.210

Portable Vibration Calibrators from The Modal Shop produce calibration certificates traceable to the German Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). Our units have their accuracy certified via comparison to a transfer standard calibrated on our in-house laser primary calibration system. Proficiency in the Helium-Neon laser method has been validated by PTB (under project 17014 and 17004) and to The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (under project 683/287323).Pruftechnik’s calibration lab located in Germany also follows the standards of German PTB.

Pruftechnik recommends that calibration accuracy checks, in most cases, be done every two years. The Modal Shop’s Portable Vibration Calibrators are also supplied with a Vibration Analyzer Calibration Report Generation tool. Users can perform “end–to-end” calibrations of Pruftechnik accelerometers and analyzers, creating calibration reports for both linearity and frequency response. Technicians can also adjust their analyzers, such as VIBXPERT II, on site to match accelerometer output, as we have done in  this video featuring the Emerson 2130.