Will Resonance Testing Work for My Parts?

Free Feasibility Parts Test with NDT-RAM Resonant Inspection


The Modal Shop offers FREE feasibility testing to help you assess if the Non-Destructive Testing Resonant Acoustic Method, NDT-RAM, technique is the right approach for your quality inspection needs.

Why Try Resonance Inspection?

  • Quickly inspect parts prior to shipment
  • Reduce scrap costs by minimizing false rejects
  • Establish a de facto process monitoring system
  • Objectively measure part quality on 100% of the parts
  • Eliminate quality related recall and resorting costs

What We Provide

  • Free part evaluation
  • A comprehensive, confidential test report and a consultative explanation via web conferencing

What You Provide

  • Please complete the Contact an Expert form so that a knowledgeable member of our NDT Team can contact you to discuss your specific parts and application
  • Send 30-50 good samples, plus additional samples with representative defects