Vibration Alarm Loop Checks

Validate Industrial Vibration Monitoring Systems

9100d portable shaker table product 3Alert and alarm functionality is the most important aspect of any condition monitoring system protecting critical rotating equipment. Vibration alarms prevent critical machinery from suffering a catastrophic failure and keep technicians working around the equipment safe. Vibration shutdown alarms also halt production, costing the company money. It is vitally important that alert and alarm functionality, along with shutdown logic, work correctly in an industrial environment.

Portable Shaker Tables provide a solution for testing alarms whether they are triggered by proximity probes, moving coil velocity sensors, 4-20 mA vibration transmitters, or accelerometers. Performing a loop check can identify: incorrect sensor installation, cable issues, incorrect programming and scaling, miswiring, sources of noise that cause spiking, grounding issues, and more.


Confirming Turbine, Compressor Vibration Alarms
What do oil and gas reliability, instrumentation and controls, and maintenance teams really want to know about their vibration monitoring systems? Will the system provide advanced warning of a problem? The answer lies in bringing vibration calibration out of the lab and into the plant.

Streamline API 670 Compliant Testing with 9100-CALROUTE
Semi-automated API 670 compliant vibration testing with a Portable Vibration Calibrator. Quickly loop check vibration alarm thresholds at multiple machine running speeds. | VIDEO

Testing Turbine Vibration Shutdown Alarms
LG Fuel Cell Systems' successful use of a Portable Vibration Calibrator to test entire generator vibration monitoring systems, from accelerometers and proximity probes to control room readings and data storage.

Portable Vibration Shaker Confirms Critical Alarms
Validate sensors, cables, displays, and alarms in industrial vibration monitoring equipment with battery-powered, portable tester.