Structural Test Product Rental

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stp modal shaker family product 1

Vibration Test Shaker and Shaker Kit Rental

Rent vibration testing shakers and modal shakers. Rent standalone shakers or complete kits. Mini and inertial shakers systems are also available.

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stp 2100e21 smartamp shaker power amplifier product 1

SmartAmp™ and Linear Power Amplifier Rental

Rent SmartAmp™ and linear power amplifiers, air-cooled, solid-state power amplifiers for vibration shaker systems

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Dynamic Force and Strain Sensors and Impedance Head Rental

Rent dynamic force and strain sensors and impedance heads to measure fast, transient forces from manufacturing and product testing.

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Force Limited Vibration Testing Systems Rental

Rent Force Limited Vibration Testing systems to limit the reaction force between the shaker and unit under test in random vibration testing.

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Modal Impact Hammer Rental

Rent Modally Tuned®, ICP® instrumented impact hammers, featuring integrated force sensor, for structural response testing.

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Larson Davis SRC20 Signal Generator Rental

Rent Larson Davis SRC20 Signal Generator. Durable, hand-held waveform generator for repeatable source signals in the laboratory or in the field.

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Structural Test Support Fixtures and Accessories Rental

Rent structural test support fixtures and accessories for modal and general vibration testing.

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