Modal and Vibration Shaker Applications

Modal Analysis | General Vibration Testing | Specialty Applications

Vibration shakers from The Modal Shop have been used in settings ranging from traditional vibration testing and modal analysis to non-traditional applications like studying avian mating displays. Learn about just a few of the real-world applications of vibration shakers below.

  • Experimental Modal Analysis and Structural Testing
  • General Vibration Testing of Small Components
  • Environmental Testing
  • Educational Laboratory Research
  • Mechanical Impedance Measurements
  • Biomedical and Biophysical Research

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Biomechanical Studies

Vibration shakers are used in a wide range of biomechanical and biophysics research studies, including studies simulating vibration that occurs in the plant and animal world.

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Automotive and Vehicle Testing

Vibration testing is critical in development of automobiles and automotive components. Whether to ensure safety, improve ride comfort, or to meet the requirements of vehicle OEMs, vibration testing is a key component of vehicle development. Perform vibration studies on vehicles from automobiles to aircraft, including noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) testing, modal analysis, fatigue testing, and more.

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Power Generation Industry Vibration Testing

Modal testing helps validate designs for power generation equipment such as turbine blades, including wind turbine blades and more.

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Educational Settings

The small form factor and portability of The Modal Shop’s Vibration Shakers make them ideal for educational settings.

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Industrial Vibration Condition Monitoring Loop Testing and Calibration

Portable Shaker Tables and Portable Vibration Calibrators are used for loop testing of industrial vibration monitoring equipment and calibration of dynamic transducers.