Compare Portable Vibration Calibrators for Vibration Sensors

Validate Accelerometers | API 670 Compliance | Loop Checks

9110D portable vibration calibrator product 2Ideal for the confirmation of critical vibration alarms that protect industrial rotating machinery – and the people who work in and around that machinery – Portable Shaker Tables and Portable Vibration Calibrators from The Modal Shop have become the industry standard for field testing of vibration sensors.



Portable Vibration Calibrators Serve

  • Power Generation Plants
  • Refineries
  • Chemical Producers
  • Mining Operations
  • Automotive and Aerospace Onsite Testing
  • Steel and Paper Mills
  • Vibration Consultants

Portable Vibration Calibrators Validate

  • Accelerometers and velocity sensors
  • Proximity probes
  • 4-20 mA loop vibration transmitters
  • High-temp, on-turbine vibration sensors
  • Online vibe monitors, PLC, & SCADA systems
  • Portable vibration analyzers
  • Moving coil vibration transducers
  • Electronic vibration switches

pvc 9110d with cal cert and sensors product 1Validate sensors from PCB Piezotronics, IMI Sensors, CTC, Hansford, Endevco, Dytran, Vibro-Meter, Wilcoxon, B&K, CEC, Honeywell, GE (formerly Bently Nevada) and many other manufacturers. A variety of shaker options are available to help meet your verification needs. Portable Shaker Tables are designed for onsite checks in both broad frequency – Model 9100D – and low frequency – Model 9200D – tests. Portable Vibration Calibrators expand on the capabilities of Models 9100D and 9200D, offering real-time sensitivity display, internal memory, USB capabilities for data delivery, and calibration certificate generation via included, Excel® based templates. Read on to learn more about which product will best serve your needs. Or better yet, call us at 513.351.9919 to speak with one of our Industrial Vibration product experts. 

Broad Frequency Options: 5 Hz – 10 kHz

Model 9100D Portable Shaker Table

The 9100D Portable Shaker Table is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the industrial environment and can be taken directly to the location of installed sensors – eliminating downtime and making regular calibration a viable option. This product is ideal for:

  • API 670 compliant system testing
  • Troubleshooting, SIL Confirmation
  • 4-20 mA vibration transmitter linearity & vibration analyzer calibration reports

Model 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator

The 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator, building on the benefits of the 9100D, offers real-time calculation and display of test sensor sensitivity, saves calibration records and facilitates generation of calibration certificates. This product is ideal for:

  • Creating ISO 16063-21 compliant accelerometer calibration certificates
  • Dynamically creating proximity probe linearity calibration certificates
  • Discovering & troubleshooting proximity probe installation errors
  • Testing for accelerometer sensitivity drift

Low Frequency Options: 0.7 Hz – 2 kHz

Model 9200D Portable Shaker Table

The 9200D Low Frequency Portable Shaker Table is designed to verify critical vibration instrumentation used to protect slow speed rotating equipment as low as 0.7 Hz (42 CPM). This product is ideal for:

  • Loop checks on vibration monitoring systems protecting slow speed machinery
  • Testing emergency seismic detection and shutdown systems

Model 9210D Portable Vibration Calibrator

The 9210D Low Frequency Portable Vibration Calibrator allows generation of ISO 17025 compliant vibration calibration certificates, reducing perceived insurance risks and promoting a safe working environment. This product is ideal for:

  • Creating ISO 16063-21 compliant accelerometer calibration certificates for high sensitivity, low frequency transducers
  • Testing for sensitivity drift on velocity sensors, velometers or moving coil displacement sensors

 Broad Frequency
9100D and 9110D
Low Frequency
9200D and 9210D
Operating Range5 Hz – 10 kHz
300 – 600 000 CPM
0.7 Hz – 2 kHz
42 – 120 000 CPM
Payload800 grams800 grams
Battery Life18 hours14 hours
Acceleration Accuracy± 3% (10 Hz – 10 kHz), ± 5% (< 10 Hz)± 3% (2 Hz – 2 kHz), ± 10% (0.7 Hz - < 2 Hz)
Maximum Amplitude20 g pk, 15 ips pk, 50 mils pk-pk2 g pk, 12 ips pk, 200 mils pk-pk
Reference AccelerometerQuartz element, 10 mV/g nominal, connection providedQuartz element, 100 mV/g nominal, connection provided
Calibration CertificateSupplied accessory, A2LA accredited, confirms accuracySupplied accessory, A2LA accredited, confirms accuracy
Programmability, Pass/Fail Notification9100D: programmable test points
9110D: programmable & pass/fail
9200D: programmable test points
9210D: programmable & pass/fail
ISO 16063-21 CompliantYesYes

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