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Validate Accelerometers | API 670 Compliance | Loop Checks

9110D portable vibration calibrator product 2Ideal for the confirmation of critical vibration alarms that protect industrial rotating machinery – and the people who work in and around that machinery – Portable Shaker Tables and Portable Vibration Calibrators from The Modal Shop have become the industry standard for field testing of vibration sensors.

See our comparison tables below to help find the model you need by applications, specifications, and accessories. We also have some notes on our global reach and rental program.

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Compare Systems by Suggested Applications

Suggested Applications
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Loop check: test vibration alarms and measurement channels
Create calibration reports for vibration instrumentation at typical OEM test points   
Create calibration reports for high sensitivity transducers at low frequencies (below 5 Hz)      
Calibrate charge mode accelerometers where output = pC/g    
Calibrate smaller transducers found in R&D, testing applications     
Calibrate transducers found in industrial applications     
Calibrate transducers found in aviation applications   
Create a calibration report for vibration analyzers using manual data entry   
Troubleshoot industrial vibration monitoring instrumentation by calculating sensitivity of sensors  
Test an AC current output device like a charge amplifier, signal conditioner or CVLD transducer   
Test 4-20 mA vibration transmitters
Calibrate piezo-resisitve accelerometers (PR)   
Calibrate moving coil vibration transducers  


Compare Systems by Required Specifications

Frequency & Amplitude Range: 5 Hz to 10 kHz, 20 g maximum  
Frequency & Amplitude Range: 0.7 Hz to 2 kHz, 2 g maximum     
Displayed sensitivity calculation for sensor under test  
Creation of calibration reports for both linearity and frequency response  
Storages of programmable test routines in memory
Pass/fail notification after each test point for stored test routines  
Charge mode accelerometer input channel    
External source input to drive shaker with function generator   
Calculation of sensitivity for AC current output instrumentation (µA/g, mA/g, etc.)   
Controllable via SCPI   


Compare Systems by Included Accessories

Supplied Accessories9100D9110DC9110DC9110D‑T9110F9200D9210D
1/4-28 to 1/4-28 mounting stud
10-32 to 1/4-28 mounting stud
M8x1 male & female mounting adapters 
M8x1.25 male & female mounitng adapters 
Multi-hole mounting pads for 3- and 4-hole bolt pattern high-temp accelerometers   
5-40 female mounting pad      
10-32 female mounitng pad      
Adhesive mounting plate     
Right-angle triaxial accelerometer mounting block      
Cable for connection of high-temp, differential charge, engine/turbine vibration sensors     
Power Supply for Honeywell 7310 & 8866-1      
10-32 to BNC cable      
9 VDC power supply for Wilcoxon 991D & similar      
24 VDC power supply      
Triaxial accelerometer cable, 4-socket Bendix to three BNCs      
HUMS accelerometer mating cables      
CEC moving coil velocity sensor mating cable      


Global Reach and Rental Options

Our extensive customer list includes Fortune 500 companies, major global refineries, power generation facilities, and numerous globally recognizable companies. With knowledgeable technical teams in 37 countries around the globe, you can rest assured that product and application support are paired with each product sold.

If you find yourself interested in trying a Portable Shaker Table or Portable Vibration Calibrator but not ready to commit to a purchase, why not utilize our Rental Program? Have the unit in hand for a week or several months without worrying about capital expense.