Portable Vibration Calibrator
Service Plans

Ensure On-Time Loop Checks of Vibration Alarms and More

PVC serviceA Portable Vibration Calibrator Service Plan from The Modal Shop ensures that instrumentation teams will never face a situation where a dead battery or accidental drop of the shaker prevents the completion of vibration alarm loop checks during a turnaround. In the case of a damaged portable calibrator, service plan members receive an immediate replacement shipped at no charge from our stock of rental inventory. Service plans also provide a host of other benefits such as extended warranty, programmed test routines, proactive calibration reminders, firmware updates, and discounts. Learn more by contacting one of our experts.

PVC Service Plans are only available for end users within the United States.


  • Annual inspection & calibration by our ISO 17025 accredited lab
  • Continuous uptime with no charge consignment of replacement shakers shipped overnight
  • Repairs are provided at no charge
  • Most current firmware is installed
  • Expert-created programmed test routines
  • Discounts on replacement adaptors
  • Extends the warranty of the device for the life of the plan


  • New instrumentation & calibration service cost savings
  • Confirmation of critical vibration alarms promotes safety & reduces downtime
  • Reduction of perceived plant insurance risk
  • Peace of mind – simulation of vibration alarms at running speed promotes confidence
  • Calibration certificates provide proof that the vibration instrumentation has been tested during an audit
  • I&C and PdM teams earn the trust and confidence of operations by proving vibration system functionality

How Does the PVC Service Plan Work?

Annual Inspection, Calibration, and Firmware Update

Our customer service team will proactively remind users with a service plan well in advance of when their portable calibrator is coming due for calibration, allowing technicians to schedule the device’s return. When users are ready, an RMA number is provided for return of their PVC to The Modal Shop. Each device will go through an “as found” calibration upon receipt. Next, the shaker is removed from the case for inspection and battery load test. Worn parts, like flexures and foreshortenings, are replaced at no charge. If the battery fails load test, a replacement battery is installed at no charge. After the PVC is reassembled, the most current firmware is installed and the device undergoes final calibration.

Complimentary Replacement Shakers Shipped Overnight

Every now and then disaster strikes. There is never a good time for a dead battery or broken shaker. Chances are you needed to use that shaker today. While we cannot do anything about today, The Modal Shop will fix your tomorrow with a replacement Portable Vibration Calibrator from our rental inventory. Units arrive fully calibrated. Use our loaner until we can get your unit back up and running. The replacement device will ship overnight to your location at our expense.

Shaker Repairs Executed at No Charge

Regardless of how or why the shaker is broken, users under a service agreement receive repairs at no cost. As mentioned, users with an active service agreement also receive a temporary loaner device from The Modal Shop’s rental pool so that important testing can continue uninterrupted.

Obtaining the Most Current Firmware

Updating the PVC firmware ensures all of the latest and greatest innovations are installed on the calibrator. Users will receive a release note indicating what new features were installed. A new digital copy of the manual is provided. Test routines previously stored in memory will be re-applied after new firmware installation.

Programmed Test Routines

Simply provide us with the model number and OEM specifications of the sensor you wish to test and Modal Shop does the rest. Our technicians create a semi-automated, stepped sine test routine for each sensor (limit ten per year). Users with a Series 9110 Portable Vibration Calibrator enjoy the added benefit of pass/fail notification after each test point. Do you wish to customize the amplitudes and frequencies to suit your specific application? No problem. Our technicians will do the programming per your specifications. On new units, or units that are at our lab for calibration, The Modal Shop will load the test routines onto the USB and Portable Vibration Calibrator. If the device is already located on-site the test routines will be emailed to you with instructions on how to load.

Discounts on Adaptors & Accessories

Unfortunately, calibration adaptors go missing. We empathize as some are quite small! Service plan members receive a 20% discount on adapters and accessories from The Modal Shop. Simply mention your service plan when contacting our sales team.

Extended Warranty

No matter the age of their device, service agreement holders are protected against defects in materials and workmanship via The Modal Shop’s limited warranty on portable calibrators.