Vibration Analyzer and Vibration Meter Calibration

Field Calibration and Adjustment of Vibration Analyzers and Meters

Vibration Analyzer and Meter CalibrationRoute-based vibration analysis and trending relies on the accuracy of portable vibration analyzers and their transducers. Portable Vibration Calibrators serve to identify improperly scaled or inaccurate meters or analyzers as well as drifted transducers. Validating operation before taking an entire day’s worth of vibration trend data saves time and money.

Inaccuracy within this measurement system – especially from the accelerometer – causes reliability teams to misinterpret machinery health. Testing the vibration analyzer and accelerometer throughout its frequency range prior to each route ensures accurate trend data for use in critical decisions. Reliability teams can also save on the cost of a Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) for their vibration analyzer by calibrating the device in-house instead of shipping to the OEM.


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