Adjustment of Emerson CSI 2130 Vibration Analyzer

Measure and Configure Accelerometer Input Sensitivity

Depending upon the manufacturer and model, accelerometers supplied with portable vibration analyzers can have a wide range of sensitivities. Most of these accelerometers are 100 mV/g. But the calibration tolerance can vary greatly, anywhere from 5% to 20%. Often reliability teams have several sensors to select from to perform route-based vibration measurements. Changing the input scale factor allows for the most accurate and repeatable measurements and ensures quality vibration trends.

Is the vibration trending upward because of machine condition? Or was a sensor used with significantly higher sensitivity than last time? Using a portable shaker to quickly check the sensitivity followed by a quick adjustment to the input scale factor of the analyzer prevents these issues.

Special thanks to the technicians at IVC Technologies. Located in Lebanon, OH, IVC combines hands-on training with the classroom experience to prepare technicians for a career as vibration analysts.