Vibration Controller Rentals

Vibration Controllers for Vibration and Shock Testing

Closed loop vibration control systems for shakers support test modes for vibration testing per ISO, DIN, MIL-STD 810, IEC, and many other standards. The systems provide accurate closed-loop shaker control and safety mechanisms to minimize risk of damaging costly test items. Various test modes available include random, sine, shock, mixed-mode, time domain/road load replication, data reduction sine/random/shock SRS, and time history recording.

m+p VibControl VibRunner Rental
Rent m+p VibControl VibRunner Vibration Controllers for vibration and shock testing.

Spider-81 Vibration Controller Systems Rental
Rent Crystal Instruments Spider-81 or Spider-81B Vibration Test Controller with integrated time-synched Ethernet connectivity.

UCON Vibration Controller Rental
Rent ECON Technologies' UCON Vibration Controller for electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic shakers.