UCON Vibration Controller Rental

ECON Technologies Vibration Controller for Shakers

UCON is a cutting-edge vibration controller for electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic shakers, utilizing the latest DSP technology, low noise hardware design, advanced vibration control algorithms and data transmission protocols. UCON is also a multi-tasking system with closed-loop control handled by a DSP processor. The control is independent of PC, to ensure the efficiency of real-time control system, with timely and rapid response to system dynamic changes. Thus it guarantees high performance, powerful features, and safety assurance. It also provides test engineers an easy-to-use application software packages. UCON features:

  • Step Sine Control, RSTD, THD Detection
  • Classical shock and SRS control
  • RoR, SoR, SROR
  • Resonance Search, Track and Dwell
  • Notching and Channel Limit Control
  • Transient Time History
  • Long Time History for Road Simulation
  • Vibro-Shock
  • Kurtosis Control

See more on the website at  www.econ-group.com

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UCON Rental Configurations
VT-90022 Input Channels, 1 Drive Channel
VT-90088 Input Channels, 1 Drive and 1 COLA, 1 Digital I/O
VT-901616 Input Channels, 1 Drive and 1 COLA, 1 Digital I/O