Proximity Probe Stinger Holder

Loop Check Proximity Probes | Model 9100-PPASH

Proximity probes, or eddy current probes, detect vibration and protect critical equipment such as gas and steam turbines from failure. It is essential to calibrate and verify proximity sensors periodically and test vibration alarms. The Modal Shop introduces Model 9100-PPASH Proximity Probe Stinger Holder, designed to simplify the process of proximity probe calibration and proximity probe loop checks. With Model 9100-PPASH, the proximity probe can be validated without removing it from its housing (also known as a probe sleeve or stinger), eliminating the worry of damaging the probe during housing removal.


  • Loop check to verify alert and alarm thresholds
  • Comply with API 670 standards
  • Create calibration certificates
  • Test internally or externally mounted proximity probes
  • Test proximity probes without removing from proximity probe housing

Learn how to install the 9100-PPASH Proximity Probe Stinger Holder, perform a loop check, and calibrate a Bently Nevada ProxPac

Video highlights:

  • Install 9100-PPASH Proximity Probe Stinger Holder
  • Perform dynamic proximity probe test
  • Adjust DC gap voltage
  • Perform static proximity probe calibration (DC probe curve)
  • Create a calibration certificate for a proximity probe

Benefits of Model 9100-PPASH Proximity Probe Stinger Holder with the Portable Vibration Calibrator

  • Simulate machine vibration
  • Test proximity probes (eddy current probes) that are part of your vibration protection system or turbine supervisory instrumentation (TSI) without removing from probe housing or stinger. (Unlike a wobulator (TK-3 or TK3-2E), the PVC allows the probe to be validated inside the probe housing.)
  • Loop check the entire vibration protection system to ensure alerts and alarms are functioning properly
  • Make precise measurements with built-in dial micrometer
  • Create NIST-traceable proximity probe calibration certificates

Model 9100-PPCBL01 Cabling for Bently Nevada® 3300 XL Series Proximitors

Cabling accessories for connection of Bently Nevada 3300 XL Series Proximitors to Portable Vibration Calibrator or volt meter. Allows users to connect Proximitor to PVC without disconnecting existing wiring.

  • BNC to banana plug made by Pomona
  • BNC to BNC cable
9100-PPCBL01 Cabling for Bently Nevada Proximitors

Calibrate a Wide Array of Proximity Probes, Eddy Current Probes, and Displacement Sensors Such As:

  • Probes inside Bently Nevada 31000 and Bently Nevada 32000 Proximity Probe Housings
  • External probes inside Bently Nevada 21000 or 24701 Proximity Probe Housing Assemblies
  • Bently Nevada ProxPac
  • Bently Nevada Proximitors
  • Metrix Proximity Probes
  • Metrix Proximity Systems
  • Probes inside Metrix 5499 Probe Housing
  • Shinkawa Eddy-Current Displacement Sensors
  • And more