Digiducer® USB Digital Accelerometer

Plug and Play Piezoelectric Vibration Sensing | Model 333D01

digiducer usb accelerometerDigiducer USB Digital Accelerometer Model 333D01 puts high-quality, low-hassle vibration measurements in the palm of your hand. This USB Digital Accelerometer allows users to take professional-grade vibration measurements right from a PC, smartphone, or tablet, turning any device into a portable, hand-held vibration meter spectrum analyzer. The simplicity of Digiducer opens the door to those just starting out in vibration, while still providing the accuracy and range needed by the experts.



  • USB Plug-and-Play Capability
  • Rugged Piezoelectric Sensing Technology
  • Broad Frequency and Dynamic Range
  • Phone, Tablet, and PC Ready
  • Record and Send Data to Off-Site Specialists
  • Embedded Calibration Data


  • Vibration Testing & Troubleshooting
  • Universities and Educational Research
  • Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring
  • Production Line Testing

digiducer with tabletWith threaded mounting or optional magnetic mounting base and 2.9 m cable length, taking measurements is quick and easy, even in the most difficult to reach places. Digiducer USB Digital Accelerometer delivers accurate, useful vibration testing in a package you can trust.

Compatible with a variety of software applications, Digiducer allows users to choose the app that best fits their testing needs. The use of standard drivers makes it possible to write custom software if necessary and connect it to IoT systems. With threaded mounting or an optional magnetic mounting.


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Frequency Range (±5 %)120 CPM to 480 000 CPM (2 Hz to 8000 Hz)
Measurement Range± 20 g pk (± 196 m/s2)
Temperature Range14 °F to 158 °F (-10 °C to +70 °C)
Housing MaterialStainless Steel
SealingWelded Hermetic
Sensing ElementPiezoelectric Ceramic


For a more comprehensive list of accessories, please see the Product Specification Sheet.

Flat surface magnet base080A121
Curved surface magnet base
Digiducer Soft Protective Storage Case

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