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Waveform Generator for Vibration | Larson Davis SRC20

The Larson Davis Signal Generator SRC20 is a powerful digital signal generator in a durable, hand-held package. This lightweight waveform generator is suited for both laboratory and field requirements. The SRC20 provides extremely stable, and statistically repeatable source signals for a wide range of applications including reverberation measurements, vibration excitation, audio system equalization, and electronic measurements.

  • Reverberation Measurements
  • Transmission Loss
  • Sound Insulation
  • Vibration and Structural Testing
  • Mechanical Impedance
  • Production Testing
  • Frequency Response of Audio Components and Recording Equipment

The SRC20 can be powered by one on-board 9 Volt battery, or by its AC/DC power adapter. On-board memory allows you to store and recall up to eight unique measurement setups. An intuitive menu-driven user interface controls operation.

For Pink and White Noise Generation, the SRC20 is capable of generating extremely accurate, low distortion noise to 20kHz. These noise signals can also be pulsed from 1 ms to 25,000 seconds. As a Sine Wave Generator, the SRC20 offers a frequency range from 0.01 to 25kHz. It can generate steady-state sine wave signals, or perform linear or logarithmic sine sweeps. The sweep time can be set from 1 ms to 25,000 seconds. In logarithmic sweep mode, the sweep rates can be set from 0.001 to 20 decades/second.


  • Hand-held, lightweight waveform generator
  • Pink and White Noise Generator
  • Pulse Mode - from 1ms to 25,000s
  • Sine Wave Generator - Frequency range from 0.01Hz to 25kHz.
  • Steady State sine-wave signals
  • Linear sine sweep - 1ms to 25,000 seconds, up or down
  • Logarithmic sine sweep - 0.001 to 20 decades/s, up or down
  • Intuitive, menu driven user interface
  • Memory to store and recall eight unique measurement setups