Streamline API 670 Compliant Testing with CALROUTE

Vibration Loop Testing in Seconds with Portable Shaker Table

9100d portable shaker table product 1Are you spending too much time dialing in amplitudes and frequencies when testing vibration sensors with your old shaker? Whether you’re using a Hardy HI 803 or HI 813, a Gilchrist 4000, or a 9100C, you may be spending more time than you should be on sensor validation.  On-site testing of all kinds of vibration sensors, including accelerometers, velomitors, charge mode sensors, and 4-20 mA vibration transmitters, can be a simple matter thanks to the semi-automated testing provided by The Modal Shop’s Model 9100D Portable Shaker Table with 9100-CALROUTE. Portable Vibration Calibration Models 9110D and 9210D also offer CALROUTE with automatic pass/fail notification. Now, loop check testing of vibration alarm thresholds at multiple machine running speeds is a breeze.

Check out the video below to see how The Modal Shop’s Model 9100D Portable Shaker Table with 9100-CALROUTE can streamline your vibration testing process.