GE Bently Nevada 200150 Trendmaster Accelerometer Calibration

Validate GE Bently Nevada Trendmaster Sensors

GE Bently Nevada TrendMaster* 200150, 200155, and 200157 general purpose case-mounted piezoelectric accelerometers are often used for balance of plant (BOP) asset condition monitoring, protecting important equipment such as pumps, fans, and motors.

These transducers are designed for use in the field with Bently Nevada’s Transducer Interface Modules (TIMs or proTIMs) connected to the TrendMaster Dynamic Scanning Module (DSM) data acquisition system. The DSM is fully integrated with GE’s System1 Diagnostic and Monitoring Software.  

Take a look at the following video to see how to calibrate a GE Bently Nevada 200150 TrendMaster Accelerometer using a Portable Vibration Calibrator Model 9100D or 9110D from The Modal Shop. (Note that GE BN Models 200155 and 200157 are calibrated using the same process.)

As with any sensor or condition monitoring system, it is important to calibrate accelerometers and loop check the entire system periodically to ensure your vibration protection system is doing its job to keep your employees and assets safe. The Modal Shop’s Portable Vibration Calibrator allows users to do just that, testing all elements of the system from the sensors to the software.

As you can see, the Portable Vibration Calibrator makes calibrating BN 200150, BN 200155, and BN 200157 accelerometers a simple and straightforward process.

Why Use a Portable Vibration Calibrator to Validate Your TrendMaster Sensors and Condition Monitoring Systems?

Simplify Sensor Tests with PVC Accessories


9100-ps04 portable calibrator sensor power supply product 1
  • Three-wire low-power vibration sensor USB power supply. Provides 5 VDC excitation voltage drawing USB power from portable vibration calibrators. Terminal strip landings for power, signal and ground, BNC output.
  • Compatible with GE BN 200150, GE BN 200155, GE BN 200157, and other 5-pin sensors powered with 5 VDC. 

pvc calroute screen product 1
  • Adds semi-automation capability with pre-programmed frequency and amplitude points
  • Allows anyone, even someone with little to no vibration experience, to step through test points and create NIST-traceable calibration certificates with The Modal Shop's 9110D
  • Included on all shakers shipped after Oct. 1, 2018. Customers with older 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrators are eligible for a free upgrade. Contact The Modal Shop for more details. Depending upon the age of the unit, it is possible that it need not be returned to our lab for the upgrade.

Learn more about calibrating accelerometers and portable vibration calibration.

*Trendmaster is a trademark of Bently Nevada, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric Company. Use of the trademark does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by the owner.