CALROUTE Semi-Automated Sensor Testing

Pass / Fail Results with Portable Vibration Calibrator

Are you currently running the same calibrations on multiple sensors? Do you need a straightforward way to set up these tests and hand them off to a technician to run? The Modal Shop's  Portable Vibration Calibrator with CALROUTE makes this process easy, displaying pass/fail results for each data point on the screen of the Portable Vibration Calibrator.

Please see the video tutorial below to learn how to test a sensor using a pre-programmed CALROUTE. 

Set up a Semi-Automated Sensor Test Using CALROUTE

CALROUTE testing is as simple as entering the test parameters into the Report Generation Workbook provided on the USB drive included with your Portable Vibration Calibrator. As you will see in the video below, you simply open the workbook and click on the Route Creator Tab. Enter your sensor information and the upper and lower bounds of acceptable output. You can automatically populate the table with this data, then add the frequencies and amplitudes at which testing should take place. This information is saved as a file on the USB drive, which is then connected to the Portable Vibration Calibrator. A technician can simply bring up the file and step through the test points, getting immediate pass/fail feedback at each point.

See the following video to learn more about setting up tests with CALROUTE.

NOTE: Programming of the CALROUTE bounds in this video applies to firmware version 5.2.4 & prior. Beginning with firmware 6.1.0, bounds are programmed in percentages. For more information please see this video.

Customers with firmware version 5.1.1 or higher can add CALROUTE to their portable calibrators without returning them to our facility.

More Information on CALROUTE

What is it?

  • Firmware for 9110D
  • Allows user to utilize the PVC Report Generation workbook to set up semi-automated tests
  • Users input all test points into the workbook
  • Test points are transferred via USB Flash Drive to the 9110D for quick, semi-automated testing

How does it simplify testing?

  • No more dialing in specific amplitudes and frequencies. Set them all up ahead of the test, and run the test quickly and efficiently.
  • Technicians can easily run the same test back-to-back on multiple sensors
  • Tests can be set up by a vibration expert and handed off to a technician
  • Immediate pass/fail feedback information is displayed on the PVC’s screen
  • Test results can be used to automatically create calibration certificates using the PVC Report Generation workbook