Programming an Automatic Stepped Sine Calibration Test

CALROUTE Offers Pass / Fail at Each Test Point

CALROUTE functionality built into  The Modal Shop's Portable Vibration Calibrators offers users the ability to program automatic stepped sine calibration routines with pass or fail notification after each test point. The video below demonstrates the programming process for an ISO 16063-21 calibration of a  PCB Piezotronics 357B04 charge mode accelerometer. 

Programming is done within Microsoft Excel® – no additional software required. Pass or fail tolerances are programmable for both linearity and frequency response sweep calibrations. CALROUTE has the flexibility to provide pass or fail notification based on deviation from the sensitivity at reference frequency or inflexible upper and lower bounds. Asymmetric tolerances are also programmable.

Click here to view a video showing the  calibration of the 357B04 sensor with Charge Mode Accelerometer Portable Vibration Calibrator Model C9110D.