Moving Coil Velocity Transducer Calibration

Test and Calibrate Moving Coil Velocity Transducers

Moving coil velocity transducers (e.g. Seismoprobe, electrodynamic velocity pickups, geophones, etc.) are commonly used in vibration monitoring applications such as steam turbine bearing measurement. The sensors require no external power or signal conditioning while providing a voltage output directly proportional to vibration velocity.

Moving coil transducers are designed for various mounting orientations – such as vertical, 45-degree, or a 90-degree orientation. Testing these sensors is easy using a shaker table system composed of the SmartSine™ Calibration Driver  Model 9000A, a Vibration Shaker Model 2075E, SmartAmp™ Power Amplifier Model 2100E21-400, and a PCB Piezotronics reference accelerometer such as Model 301A10. Validate the sensor against manufacturer's specifications and create a calibration certificate post-test.

Seismoprobe is a trademark of Bently Nevada, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Baker Hughes, a GE company.