SmartAmp Power Amplifiers for Modal and Vibration Shakers

Energy Efficient Power | Series 2100E21

stp 2100e21 smartamp shaker power amplifier product 1The SmartAmp™ Series 2100E21 offers a revolutionary green design, providing cool running, 92% efficient operation. The high performance, ultra-low noise digital amplifier also includes intelligent capabilities.

In addition to an interlock switch for over-travel protection of the shaker armature and a safe start-up with the signal output in a mute mode, the SmartAmp includes intelligent clipping detection and DC fault recognition algorithms that provide real-time feedback of the signal output integrity with an automatic shutdown to protect the shaker and test article. Additional digital and analog auxiliary input ports on the SmartAmp allow for on-line shaker temperature and air flow monitoring, protecting the shakers in case of an abnormal condition. Including these smart features as standard in every SmartAmp model provides safety, performance, and value for electrodynamic shaker users.

  • Revolutionary green design provides 92% efficient, environmentally-friendly operation
  • Silent operation provides for a noise-free test environment
  • Front panel, continuous gain adjustment up to 26 dB
  • Flat frequency response to 40 kHz
  • Lightweight—just 8.5 lb (3.8 kg)
  • Interlock switch for overtravel protection of shaker armature
  • Clipping detection provides real-time warning of signal distortion
  • DC fault detection provides automatic shutdown of supply signal
  • Over-current and over-temperature protection

The SmartAmp design also includes silent operation, as the unit does not require fans, for a noise-free test environment. The Series 2100E21 is extremely lightweight - just 3.8 kg (8.5 lb), which is approximately one third of the weight of traditional shaker amplifiers.

SmartAmp Series Options


  • 400W version - Designed for use with  2025E2060E2100E11 and 2075E shakers to drive optimum performance under natural air cooling operation


  • 100W version - Designed for use with the 2004E and 2007E mini shakers 


  • Calibration version - Designed for use with the  K394B30 & K394B31 air bearing shakers used in conjunction with the  9155 Accelerometer Calibration System. The 2100E21-C version features the same specifications of the 2100E21-400 version plus additional integrated air supply control, current-regulated DC supply and pressure display.