Power Amplifiers for Modal and Vibration Shakers

SmartAmps, Digital, and Linear Amplifiers

The Modal Shop offers both energy efficient SmartAmps as well as traditional linear power amplifiers to deliver complete shaker system kits. Amplifiers are also available as standalone solutions.

stp 2100e21 smartamp shaker power amplifier product 1


The SmartAmp Series 2100E21 offers a revolutionary green design, providing cool running, 92% efficient operation. The high performance, ultra-low noise digital amplifier also includes intelligent capabilities.

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stp 2050e12 digital power amplifier

Digital Power Amplifier

Compact and high efficiency digital switch mode amplifier for full system performance in rack mountable form factor for The Modal Shop’s largest vibration shaker systems.

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stp 2050e09 linear power amplifier product 1

Linear Power Amplifiers

A range of classic linear power amplifiers are available for small to mid-sized vibration systems.

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