High Frequency Accelerometer Calibration

Air Bearing Calibration Shaker | 830 Options

High Frequency Air Bearing Accelerometer Calibration Shakers represent a new level of performance in calibration grade shakers. These 9155D-830 Series exciters for the Accelerometer Calibration Workstation Model 9155D are also available in kit configurations K394BXX.

cal accelerometer k394b30 product 31 air bearing shaker (830831) product

Continuing the award-winning PCB Piezotronics tradition of providing superior performance characteristics, Air Bearing Accelerometer Calibration Shakers offer ease-of-use coupled with exceptional value and simplicity. A graphite air bearing combined with an ultra-stiff light-weight armature essentially eliminates transverse motion that plagues traditional flexure-based shaker armature suspension systems.


  • Provides accurate calibrations conforming to ISO 16063 Part 21
  • Wide frequency range of 5 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Drastically reduces uncertainty by virtually eliminating transverse motion
  • High throughput with simple mounting and setup
  • Proven design used in over 100 000 calibrations annually at PCB Piezotronics
  • Calibrate at low frequencies using full 10 mm stroke length
  • Easily adjusts to calibrate a wide range of sensor sizes


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9155D-830 Option9155D-830C Option9155D-831 Option
Frequency Range5 Hz to 15 kHz5 Hz to 20 kHz
Stroke – in (mm) pk-pk0.4 (10)
Maximum Payload – oz (grams)17.6 (500)
Armature MaterialAluminumBeryllium
Insert MaterialBerylliumCeramicBeryllium
Internal Reference AccelerometerQuartz Shear ICP
Standards ComplianceISO 16063-21
Shaker Kit ModelK394B30K394B30CK394B31
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Expected Overall Uncertainty9155D-830 Option9155D-830C Option9155D-831 Option
5 Hz to 9 Hz1.7%
10 Hz to 99 Hz1.2%
100 Hz0.75%
101 Hz to 920 Hz1.0%
921 Hz to 5,000 Hz1.4%
5,001 Hz to 10,000 Hz1.9%
10,001 Hz to 15,000 Hz2.2%
15,001 Hz to 20,000 HzN/AN/A2.8%
Repeatability Under Identical Conditions (k=2)9155D-830 Option9155D-830C Option9155D-831 Option
5 Hz to 9 Hz0.8% [1]
10 Hz to 99 Hz0.3% [1]
100 Hz0.24% [1]
101 Hz to 920 Hz0.24% [1]
921 Hz to 5,000 Hz0.28% [1]
5,001 Hz to 10,000 Hz0.34% [1]
10,001 Hz to 15,000 Hz0.6% [1]
15,001 Hz to 20,000 HzN/AN/A0.0074%

[1] Repeatability of any test inherently depends upon the repeatability of the test article. In this case, these values represent 9155 system performance when calibrating a PCB Model 353B04 10mV/g IEPE accelerometer over multiple mountings and environmental conditions in the time frame of approximately 2 months.

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Unlike other air bearing shakers that use rubber bands to adjust and balance the armature, Air Bearing Accelerometer Calibration Shakers from The Modal Shop use a unique Lorentz force lifting mechanism making calibration of various accelerometer sizes quick and easy. An integral reference accelerometer mounted within a light-weight insert has a mounted resonance greater than 70 kHz, permitting the shaker to be used for resonance searches to over 50 kHz, while effectively eliminating the need for complicated mass loading corrections. In addition, this innovative two-part armature design provides electrical isolation of the sensors, improving accuracy by eliminating electrical noise in the calibration measurement. The included SmartAmp™ power amplifier is uniquely designed for calibration shaker use by controlling the DC current to position the armature and protecting the shaker by automatically shutting down when there is no air flow to the shaker.