Understanding Accelerometers

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Accelerometer Overview

Structure and Function of Accelerometers
Learn more about accelerometer structure and function basics.

Understanding Accelerometers
Understanding accelerometer behavior in ideal versus real settings based on amplitude linearity and frequency response.

Decoding the Accelerometer Specification Sheet
A discussion on accelerometer specification sheets, from discerning what "typical" means to finding ISO 9001 and 17025 manufacturers.

What's Wrong With My Accelerometer?
After completing a test and evaluating data, there are obvious signs of trouble... what's wrong with my accelerometer?


Sensor Types

ICP® Accelerometer Options
A quick review of popular accelerometer options, including TEDS, metric mounting, high temperature, water resistant, and intrinsically safe options.

Triaxial Accelerometer Basics
Find out why triaxial accelerometers are the most popular choice for large and multichannel users.

Accelerometer Internal Sensing Elements
Learn more about piezoelectric materials and geometry - from shear to flexure beam.

Quartz vs Ceramic Piezoelectric Accelerometers
Which piezoelectric accelerometer is right for you? Is a quartz or ceramic sensing element best for your application? Find out more...

ICP vs Charge Accelerometers
Understanding the differences between charge mode and ICP voltage mode acceleration measurement systems.

ICP vs Charge Mode Instrumentation
Learn more about piezoelectricity, the advantages and disadvantages of piezoelectric sensors, and the basics of signal conditioning designs.