Condition Monitoring for Power Generation

Monitor and Measure Vibration, Pressure, Noise, and Level

Our teams are focused on delivering solutions designed specifically for Power Generation applications – from sensors to precision instrumentation. We believe there is strength in numbers – with wide ranging application experience, a global 24 / 7 support team, and 50+ years solving complex problems, The Modal Shop, PCB Piezotronics, Temposonics, Larson Davis, and Accumetrics are here to support you. Our teams of specialists offer expertise in each area below - all solutions are available through our global sales and service network:

9110D portable vibration calibrator product 1

On-Site Vibration Calibration and Verification
The Modal Shop | Portable Vibration Calibrators

Portable Vibration Calibrators are an ideal tool for checking critical vibration alarms and monitoring systems. The devices test accelerometers, velocity transducers, and proximity probes over a wide operating frequency and amplitude range. With a rugged case, long battery life, real-time sensitivity display, and ability to load and store pre-programmed calibration test points, these shaker tables are designed for the toughest conditions.

digi digiducer usb digital accelerometer application

Digital Vibration Measurements
The Modal Shop | Digiducer USB Digital Accelerometer

Simplify your predictive maintenance and vibration troubleshooting. Digiducer USB Digital Accelerometer allows you to take professional-grade vibration data straight from a PC, smartphone, or tablet. Turn any device into a portable, hand-held vibration meter or spectrum analyzer.

pvc condition monitoring product 1

Vibration and Pressure Measurements
PCB Piezotronics | Intrinsically Safe Differential Charge Accelerometers and High Temp Pressure Sensors

Condition monitoring - both combustion dynamics and vibration - is essential to ensure trouble-free operation, worker safety, and to prevent catastrophic failures. High Temperature Differential Charge Accelerometers and Combustion Instability Pressure Sensors are manufactured to meet specific power generation and petrochemical design requirements, including intrinsic safety certification.

tms gen industrial hygene application

Noise and Vibration Industrial Hygiene
Larson Davis | Noise Dosimeters and Human Vibration Meters

Protecting workers from unsafe noise and vibration exposure is an essential part of ensuring occupational and workplace safety. Wireless Noise Dosimeters, with Intrinsically Safe units available, and Human Vibration Meters – all controlled by the LD Atlas™ App - are an ideal solution for monitoring the physical impact of noise and vibration in the plant.

tms gen power gen application 2

Generator Ground Fault Protection
Accumetrics | Earth Fault Resistance Monitoring Systems

Unplanned outages due to deterioration of rotor winding insulation are costly, but preventable. By continuously monitoring generators or motors with brushless exciters – while rotating or at standstill – ground faults can be detected prior to rotor damage. With both retrofit and new build configurations available, little to no shaft modification is necessary for installation.

pvc condition monitoring product 2

Automatic Tank Gauging
Temposonics | Liquid Level Transmitters

Accuracy of data and reliability of instrumentation are crucial for liquid level measurements in above ground storage tanks and process vessels. New solutions offer product level, interface level, temperature, and volume measurement while using a single device. Learn more about transmitters for a wide range of applications for tanks up to 72 feet in height.

Sound and Vibration Equipment Rentals
The Modal Shop | From Sensors to Systems

Would a Portable Vibration Calibrator simplify testing during your next outage? Need a batch of Noise Dosimeters for short-term monitoring? The Modal Shop’s extensive Rental Program offers a large inventory of accelerometers, calibrators, noise dosimeters, sound level meters, and more. It’s state-of-the-art technology at a fraction of the cost.