Portable Vibration Calibrator Service and Support

Service Options for Portable Vibration Shaker and Calibrator Models

PVC Calibration and Firmware UpgradeOur goal at The Modal Shop is to provide the service and support to keep your calibrations running smoothly. To that end, we offer the ability to return your PVC to our factory for calibration or other service.


Calibration Only

According to the ISO 17025 standard, PVC users must assess their own risk to determine a proper calibration interval for their Portable Vibration Calibrator. The Modal Shop offers calibration services on the schedule you determine is appropriate. Contact our team to learn more and make arrangements for calibration.

Firmware Updates

The Modal Shop periodically makes new firmware available for Portable Vibration Shaker Tables and Calibrators. We offer firmware upgrade service, which not only brings your PVC up to date with the latest updates, but also offers the following at no extra cost:

  • Calibration
  • Visual inspection of the shaker
  • Battery load test

New firmware innovations are announced via our quarterly newsletter. View back issues of Industrial Vibration Quarterly or sign up to receive a new issues.

Key firmware enhancements available

Below, find just a few of the features available with firmware upgrade. Any questions? Fill out the Contact an Expert form, and we’ll get right back to you, or give our team a call – we’ll be happy to help.

SCPI Interface
Ability to control and acquire data from the PVC via SCPI commands.

Pre-Programmed Testing
CALROUTE pre-programmed test routes allow a user to easily run the same test multiple times and achieve Pass/Fail results reporting. Even if you already have CALROUTE, the latest firmware allows for more tests to be stored in memory and more flexible pass/fail tolerance programming

Sensor Support
Support for piezoresistive and charge mode sensors

Shaker Self-Test
On 9110D and C9110D models only, device automatically tests for alignment issues, low battery and disconnected reference accelerometer during start-up

Please contact our team of experts if you have questions or want to learn more.