Portable Vibration Calibrators Help Your Bottom Line

Promote Safety and Reduce Downtime

Your Return on Investment

Calibration and confirmation of alarms in the vibration protection system are part of the recommended best practices issued by risk engineers representing the world’s primary insurance underwriters. Checks, certifications and audits of the condition monitoring system – like a well maintained fire protection system – make the plant more desirable in a potentially tough insurance market.

Save the maintenance budget, validate old sensors instead of throwing them away. With no moving parts, piezoelectric instrumentation and proximity probes can generate reliable output for years. Too often these sensors are deemed disposable, tossed away and replaced on an annual basis.

Catastrophic machinery failures have dangerous consequences. The vibration protection system is often the last line of defense. Simulating vibration faults and testing the system ensures your teammates are safe on the job.

Machinery failure without warning becomes a thing of the past with a field tested vibration protection system.

When that $1 million asset begins to fail, will you get a critical text to your cell phone from the monitoring system? The calibrator is a low cost insurance policy against vibration protection system failure. Simulating vibration faults at various running speeds allows reliability managers to ensure they will.

Stop “chasing ghosts”. Checking nuisance vibration trips with a portable shaker table identifies cabling faults, scaling errors, programming errors and sensor sensitivity shift allowing analysts to focus the real goal: uptime.

Often false vibration alarm trips are just as costly as late trips. Operations department scoffs as reliability struggles to explain the shutdown to management. Confidence in the system erodes quickly and costs time and money. Field verification promotes confidence and uncovers system errors.

Keep the plant running – no false alarms, no real alarms. Finding a portable shaker that makes validation easy lowers the barriers to sound practices with vibration instrumentation. Making the validation process as quick and efficient as possible is key.

Why The Modal Shop?

The Modal Shop is a sister company to the Industrial Monitoring Instrumentation (IMI) division within the PCB Group of companies. IMI is the premier global source for vibration sensors in predictive maintenance and process monitoring.  The PCB Group's roots trace back to the founding of PCB Piezotronics by brothers Bob and Jim Lally almost 50 years ago.  Over the course of 25 years The Modal Shop, as part of the PCB Group, has become the global leader in vibration calibration as both a solutions provider and source of knowledge/training/support. We are a small, blue-collar company in Cincinnati, Ohio and we believe:

  • The phone should be answered by a person
  • Our customer's questions are more important than internal meetings
  • In making field testing and calibration easy
  • Accuracy is important and should be validated by a 3rd party to global standards
  • Production quality cannot be compromised... ever


Application Videos

Click below for a short application discussion on how the Portable Calibrator can help you ensure machinery and personnel safety while saving you money.

Power Gen Saves $14,000 In One Year

Oil Refinery Validates Proximity Probes

  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas
    • Refineries
    • Petrochemical
    • Liquefied Natural Gas
    • Offshore & Onshore Oil Production
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Mining
  • Automotive
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Steel Production
  • Cement Production
  • Paper Mills
  • Aviation

Our Commitment to You

  • Total Customer Satisfaction
    • This is not boring company rhetoric about warranty or a refund policy. We don’t need a refund policy. We are going to make sure our products are still helping your company or department six months later, one year later, five years later…
  • Flexible Rental Options Backed by ISO-Accredited Quality‚Äč
    • Some plants only test once or twice per year during scheduled outages. Our rental program gives them the benefits of increased safety, uptime and confidence without requiring a capital expenditure. NIST traceable Portable calibrators can be rented for as little as one week and include a calibration certificate. Rental spending can be credited to future purchases should the need arise.  Ask us about our Rental Program.
  • Innovation
    • The industrial vibration instrumentation world is constantly evolving. We continue to create solutions that respond to the market and make field testing easy. 
  • Accountability
    • No calibration device is 100% accurate, especially one handling various payloads with multiple speeds and amplitudes. We provide accuracy results on an ISO 17025 accredited calibration certificate for every unit. 
  • Community Service
    • Aside from holding numerous technical seminars and presenting at ISA, Vibration Institute and NCSLI conferences, our 25+ years of vibration calibration knowledge is at our customer’s disposal. Webinars for quick video demos are routine and a network of local technical contacts is also available with in-person support from The Modal Shop's team.