Horizontal Table Vibration Shaker Kits

Support Larger Test Loads | Models K2075E040-HT, K2075E‑HT, and K2110E‑HT

The Horizontal Table and Vibration Shaker combinations Model K2075E040-HT, K2075E-HT, and K2110E-HT expand the dynamic testing capabilities of The Modal Shop’s 2075E and 2110E shakers, respectively. Horizontal Table Kits are specially designed to support loads not suitable for direct shaker attachment: test objects may be either larger or heavier than what can be directly mounted to a particular shaker or test specifications may require test objects to be oriented in a specific direction relative to gravity. In any of these situations, the Horizontal Table offers an easy-to-use, versatile solution.

stp k2075e ht k2110e horizontal table product 1


  • Available in 40 lbf (178 N), 75 lbf (334 N), and 110 lbf (489 N) configurations
  • Flexible design allows shaker to be detached from the table to be used in a traditional vertical vibration testing set-up or to take advantage of the through-hole armature for modal testing
  • 6 in x 7.5 in (15 cm x 19 cm) table supports payloads up to 40 lb (18 kg)


  • Test geophones and other vibration measurement monitoring devices
  • When test objects are larger/heavier than what can be directly mounted to a shaker
  • Orienting test objects in a specific direction relative to gravity

The Horizontal Table has a 6 in x 7.5 in (15 cm x 19 cm) platform and can operate both horizontally and vertically. The table is carefully designed to remove any side loading from the shaker suspension and comes with pre-drilled inserts to facilitate easy test article attachment.

The Horizontal Table is available in a kit with either the 2075E or 2110E Shaker Systems. The K2075E-HT (75 lbf/334 N) and the K2110E-HT (110 lbf/489 N) kits include their respective shaker, horizontal flexure table, shaker mounting base for vertical and horizontal operation, power amplifier, and cooling package. The shaker can also be disconnected from the table, rotated to the vertical position and used in a traditional vibration testing set-up. A general purpose 10-32 mounting accelerometer can be added to the end of the table for feedback loop vibration control.


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Force Rating – lbf (N)75 (334)110 (489)
Max Frequency – Hz [1]4 500
Max Stroke – in (mm) pk-pk1.0 (25)
Shaker Model2075E2110E
Amplifier Model2050E092050E09-FS
Accessories Included
Table Mounting Surface (length x width)6 in x 7.5 in (15 cm x 19 cm)

[1] Load dependent


HardwareShaker cable to amplifier
Rubber isolation mounts
Screws and tools
2000X01Head Expander, M2000X01 Head Expander (M5)
J352C33Ground Isolated Accelerometer (100 mV/g)
2000X03Shaker Accessory Kit

[1] A cooling package is required to operate this shaker

K2075E-HT Payload Curve

K2075E-HT Payload Curve

K2110E-HT Payload Curve

K2110E-HT Payload Curve