Vibration Test Shaker 500 lbf

Vibration Testing and Stress Screening | Model 2500E

The Modal Shop’s Electrodynamic Shaker Model 2500E is a 500 lbf pk sine force shaker designed for general-purpose vibration testing of small components, as well as stress screening of electronic and mechanical sub-assemblies. It is designed to re-create field vibration in a controlled laboratory setting and can be used in a variety of R&D, reliability, and quality assurance applications within the automotive, aerospace & defense, and consumer electronics sectors.


  • Forced air cooling sufficient to meet full shaker performance (500 lbf / 2.2 kN) specifications
  • Large 6 in (152 mm) specimen mounting table offers ease of mounting
  • 1.0 in (25.4 mm) stroke and wide frequency range (to 4500 Hz) support broad range of applications
  • Trunnion base provides flexibility when choosing best exciter location
  • Low stray magnetic field, minimized by built-in degauss coil


  • Vibration Testing of
    • Avionics
    • CubeSat Satellites
    • Consumer Products
    • Automotive Parts, Electronics
    • Mechanical Subassemblies 

Model 2500E offers a large 6 in (152 mm) diameter specimen mounting table, making it easy to adapt to almost any test requirement with a minimum of fixturing. The table provides multiple internally threaded attachment points, making the shaker assembly ideally suited for applications such as production screening, reliability acceptance testing, and product engineering evaluation. The composite materials used for the armature suspension and guidance system provide a high degree of lateral and rotational restraint while maintaining maximum compliance in the axis of motion to permit full 1.0 in (25 mm) peak to peak stroke. The shaker and trunnion base assembly allow a variety of operating positions ranging from a standard vertical orientation to a rotation of 90° to interface with horizontal tables.

Model 2500E has an inherently low stray magnetic field, which is minimized even further by the use of a built-in degauss coil. Safety features include over travel switch protection, air-cooling flow interlocks, and safe start in mute mode associated with the Model 2050E12‑7 Digital Power Amplifier. Optional accessories are available such as special vibration isolation mounts, metric inserts for specimen mounting, and a magnesium head expander.


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 2500E ShakerK2500E500 Kit
Force Rating – lbf (kN)500 (2.2)
Max Frequency – Hz [1]4 500
Max Stroke – in (mm) pk-pk1.0 (25)
Shaker Model2500E
Amplifier Model-2050E12‑7
Accessories Included

[1] Load dependent


HardwareTrunnion base
3/8 in Hex Wrench
Shaker cable 10 ft (3 m)
Model 2000X12 [1]Cooling Package
Model 2000X14/M2000X14Magnesium Head Expander 12 x 12 in (305 x 305 mm)
Model 2000X15Modal-Pod™ CubeSat Vibration Test Fixture
Model 2000X02/2000X16Special Vibration Base Isolation Mounts (Solid 10 Hz, or Pneumatic 5 Hz)

[1] A cooling package is required to operate this shaker

Payload Curves

K2500E500 Payload Curve

STP k2500e500 payload curve diagram