TEDS Sensor Interface Kit

Update Sensor Calibration Data | Model 400B76

STP-400B76-TEDS-Sensor-Interface-Kit-Product-1The TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) Sensor Interface Kit Model 400B76 offers the capability to communicate with TEDS sensors over a USB port of a Windows® PC. With an intuitive graphical interface to the data in a TEDS sensor, the 400B76 reads TEDS from, and writes TEDS to, sensors with a single mouse click. Model 400B76 supports more TEDS templates than any other previously available TEDS sensor interface kit and also supports three commonly used memory chips: DS2430A, DS2431 and DS2433. Providing all of the hardware and software required to interface with TEDS sensors, the Model 400B76 kit supports IEEE 1451.4™ templates, LMS International templates, and manufacturer defined templates. Principle types of transducers supported are accelerometers, microphones, charge amplifiers, microphone preamplifiers and bridge sensors.


Model 400B76 simplifies communication with different sensors from different manufacturers by supporting a broad selection of templates in a single software interface. Designed to use the typical USB type interface available on most PC’s today, the 400B76 includes all necessary components to plug a TEDS sensor into a PC, read and write TEDS, review and update sensor calibration data.

  • Allows updating of sensor calibration data
  • Supports IEEE P1451.4TM (Version 0.9) and IEEE 1451.4TM (Version 1.0) templates
  • Enables communication (both read and write) to TEDS Sensors from a Windows® PC
  • Supports more TEDS templates than any other available interface
  • Flexible data decoding engine allows support of new TEDS‚Äątemplates by simply copying files
  • Allows conversion of accelerometer and microphone templates from version 0.9 to version 1.0
  • USB powered, plug-and-play
  • Triaxial accelerometer support

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