ICP Laser Tachometer

Sense Rotating Equipment Speed | Model LaserTach LT2

stp icp lasertach product 1The LaserTachTM Model LT2 ICP® tachometer from The Modal Shop senses the speed of rotating equipment and outputs an analog voltage pulse train for referencing vibration signals to shaft speed. The sensor allows for measurements up to 100 000 RPM from distances as far as 20 in (51 cm). A status LED provides positive, visual indication of proper signal pickup. The standard BNC jack connects the sensor to all constant current, ICP conditioned data acquisition systems and signal conditioners. Unlike magnetic tachometer pickups, the LaserTach LT2 does not require the rotating equipment to be a ferrous material - only a retroreflective target needs to be attached to the shaft or rotating element.



  • Operates with standard ICP (IEPE) sensor signal conditioning from 2 mA to 20 mA constant current source
  • Continuous laser operation for jitter-free RPM measurements
  • One pulse per revolution eliminates need to oversample
  • Easy to install, simplifies cable management
  • Narrowband optical filter for enhanced outdoor performance


  • Non-contact rotational speed measurements
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Research and Development
    • Universities

The unit powers from standard ICP sensor signal conditioning, requiring only a single coaxial or twisted pair cable connection - just like your ICP accelerometers. No additional or specialized power source is needed. This facilitates the deployment of multiple speed sensors using the same cabling and signal conditioning as your other ICP sensor arrays. Given that the LaserTach operates using the standard constant current supplied by many data acquisition systems, it greatly simplifies your test system’s cabling and configuration. Have questions about LaserTach? Feel free to reach out to our team via the Contact an Expert button or take a look at LaserTach Frequently Asked Questions.

LaserTach™ - LT2 Kit

stp icp lasertach product 3For additional flexibility, a convenient kit is available. Offering a complete package which includes LaserTach™ Model LT2 as well as a tripod and cable to make set up easier. The kit includes the following items: 

  • LT2 ICP® laser tachometer with mounting accessories (bracket, nuts)
  • Coaxial cable, 10 ft (3 m), BNC to BNC plug
  • 1140C03 miniature tripod, 7.25 in (18 cm) high, 360° rotation head
  • Retroreflective tape