Test Support Solutions

TEDS Interface Kit | Rotational Products | ICP Signal Conditioners

The Modal Shop offers a range of test support solutions for your different test applications.


TEDS Sensor Interface Kit

The Transducer Electronic Datasheet Sensor Interface Kit offers the capability to communicate with TEDS sensors over the USB port of a Windows PC.

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Rotational Sensing 

The LaserTach™ ICP® Tachometer senses the speed of rotating equipment and outputs an analog voltage pulse train for referencing vibration signals to shaft speed.

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485b39 Digital ICP-USB Signal Conditioner

ICP® Sensor Signal Conditioners

With the Digital ICP USB Signal Conditioner, plug the unit into a USB port and view signals from accelerometers, microphones, hammers, or any other ICP-type sensor. The non-digital USB Signal Conditioner uses USB power rather than traditional battery powered signal conditioners.