OEM Licensing of TEDS Developer Tools

Model KTEDS-005

Implement TEDS encoding/decoding technology into your own applications with the KTEDS-005 libraries. The KTEDS-005 is the underlying process responsible for TEDS encoding/decoding in all products from TMS and PCB Piezotronics.

These Windows DLL's convert the binary TEDS data harvested by your data acquisition hardware and converts it to a human readable format that is easily passed to your application software. The KTEDS-005 libraries also accept human readable data from the application software and encode it to binary data that can be written back out to the TEDS sensor.

KTEDS-005 has already been implemented across the TMS and PCB Piezotronics product lines in support of the both the PCB 442 and 481 series of signal conditioners, and the 400B76 TEDS Sensor Interface Kit. By supporting IEEE working group templates, manufacturer templates, and LMS templates, KTEDS-005 is the single most versatile TEDS encoding/decoding engine available. Contact TMS today for more information on how to integrate KTEDS-005 into your application.

  • Adds TEDS decoding capability to your application.
  • Modular code integrates into your existing application.
  • Flexible capabilities surpasses any other commercially available IEEE P1451.4TM implementations.
  • Proven technology already tested and implemented by PCB and TMS