Portable Vibration Calibration System

Bring Laboratory Calibration Onsite | 9140 Series

The Portable Vibration Calibration System 9140 Series brings the calibration laboratory onsite to your sensors. Calibrate vibration sensors with unprecedented portability and automation, with confidence in the results, the future availability of the data, and the ability to withstand the scrutiny of ISO 17025 metrology requirements.


The 9140 Series combines two world class measurement platforms – the Portable Vibration Calibrator Model C9110D and the Precision Sensor Calibration Workstation Model 9155D. The Portable Vibration Calibrator offers ruggedness and reliability for vibration sensor calibration in some of the toughest testing environments. Software delivers laboratory-style control, automation, and databasing of measurements.


  • Battery-powered system is designed for travel in the field
  • Portable vibration calibrator is packaged in rugged Pelican Storm Case™
  • Users are fully trained on system operation in a few hours
  • Bring the calibration lab onsite to your sensors


  • Accredited calibrations in the field or lab
  • Fulfill internal quality requirements of your organization
  • Immediate, on-site pre- and post-test sensor validation
  • Sensor calibration and validation at point of installation


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9140D Series
Frequency Range5 to 10 000 Hz [1]
Maximum Acceleration10 g pk
Sensor TypesAcceleration, Velocity, Displacement
Sensor Operation TypesICP®, Voltage Output [2], Charge, Differential Charge [2], Piezoresistive [2], Capacitive [2]
Test TypesFrequency Sweep, Amplitude Sweep [3]
Calibrator ModelC9110D

[1] With 100 gram payload.
[2] Signal conditioning for these Sensor Operation Types are not included. However, they are supported in software.
[3] Linearity.


For a more comprehensive list of accessories, please see the Product Specification Sheet.

K9140D10Complete kit of C9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator, Windows laptop PC with complete software configuration, verification sensor, 003C03 sensor cable, and specialized USB connection cable.
K9140DIncludes C9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator, 9100-USB00 USB Cable, and software. Customer installs software on customer supplied Windows PC.
K9140-SW9155D Calibration Software and specialized USB connection cable. Requires customer’s Windows PC and 9110D or C9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator.
9100-CBL00Spare USB connection cable [1]

[1] Warning: Always use TMS 9100-USB00 USB cable. Other USB-A to USB-A cables may be available from retail or online sources, but these cables present significant risk of damage to the USB port on either the PC or PVC.


Product Support Included with Purchase

  • NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration, Accredited to ISO 17025 by A2LA

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Portable Vibration Calibration Systems enable travel from one site to another, keeping the test sensor in immediate proximity of the machine, ground vehicle, or aircraft being tested or monitored. Software automates the calibration process, performing a frequency or amplitude sweep with a mouse click. Test setups are stored in the Windows® software and directly controls the Calibrator. Likewise, test results transmit directly from Calibrator to PC. Software manages and recalls test and configuration data.

Systems in the 9140 Series have been designed to address the requirements for ISO 17025 accreditation for the user. This includes periodic system verification, documentation of test equipment, and of course the test sensor’s test parameters, pass/fail criteria, and results.