FFT Analysis Sound Level Meter Rental

Single Channel FFT Analysis for Sound and Vibration

Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) can be incredibly useful in identifying key frequencies of a signal. Rent a Sound and Vibration FFT Analyzer which pairs the trusted Larson Davis SoundAdvisor™ Sound Level Meter with FFT Firmware. Ideal for machinery troubleshooting, tone detection, and noise source identification, the system offers benefits such as:

  • Handheld, single-channel FFT measurements
  • In-the-field tonal assessment and analysis
  • Measurement of specific frequencies or tones in audio processing
  • Support for Engineering Units
  • Real-time data on the meter, mobile device, or PC
  • Auto peak finding with harmonic cursors

831C-FFT Accessories

To order, add 831C-FFT to any 831C Rental Kit.

Which Window to Choose for FFT Analysis?

A phenomenon known as leakage occurs when processing real-world signals, resulting in lower peak amplitudes and “smeared” frequency responses. Although leakage effects are commonly seen, the effects can be reduced with use of a “Window” function.

Window TypeDescription
Uniform / No WindowBroadband or random signals, or closely spaced sine signals
HanningMost real-world signals, or combination of sine signals or narrowband random vibration signals
Flat TopBest to preserve amplitude peak level when measuring sine waves

See Understanding FFT Windows for more information on why window functions are useful in FFT Analysis and which window to use for your application.