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485B36 USB-ICP 2-channel ICP® Sensor Signal Conditioner
485B36 USB-ICP 2-channel ICP® Sensor Signal Conditioner
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Portable USB-ICP Signal Conditioner

Model 485B36

Model 485B36 is a pocket sized dual channel ICP® sensor signal conditioner that requires no batteries for operation. The 485B36 is powered by the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port commonly found on both desktop and notebook computers. Now your PC sound card or other data acquisition device can record signals from the wide range of ICP® accelerometers, microphones, force sensors, tachometers (using LaserTachTM or PulseDriverTM and dynamic strain gauges.

Connect ICP® sensors to the 485B36 using standard BNC jacks. The 485B36 conditions the input signals and outputs the low impedance voltage signals on a 3.5mm stereo jack. The 485B36 includes the 009M130 cable for direct connection to a PC sound card and 009M131 cable for input to BNC connectors on other data acquisition devices.

  • Achieves low noise performance of battery powered signal conditioners without replacing batteries.
  • Utilizes power supplied through PC USB port.
  • Supports all existing ICP® sensors
  • Compact package is ideal for "road warriors" who need quick data samples without transporting an FFT analyzer




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