Sound and Vibration Rental FAQ

Test and Measurement Rental Program

General Questions

Current rental pricing valid for North America can be found here. For requests outside of the USA, Canada, or Mexico, please  contact us.

Data sheets and links to many products can be found on our website or via our sister companies’ sites ( and If there are items you’re interested in that aren’t listed or you would like datasheets to be faxed or mailed to you, please contact us at 513.351.9919 or email

You can contact your direct field sales person or representative, or feel free to speak to an Application Engineer at The Modal Shop - 800.860.4867, 513.351.9919 or e-mail

US customers can contact their direct field sales person or representative, or anyone in The Modal Shop Sales or Application Engineering can process your request. Contact us at The Modal Shop, 10310 Aerohub Boulevard, Cincinnati OH 45215. Phone 800.860.4867 in the US, international dial +1-513-351-9919, and 513-458-2172 by fax. General sales requests can be made through International rentals may be placed with the appropriate  international distributor.

Please check here for domestic and international contacts of local direct sales employees, direct representatives, and international distributor.

Upon four contiguous months of rental, 40% of paid rental fees apply toward buyout of the rented product, up to 80% of the purchase cost at fair market value. Additionally, rental and demo units that are fully inspected and warranted may be available at discounted rates.

Many specialty use or older products have been omitted from the current price list. Depending on potential market, new items will be considered at any time. Please contact a TMS Application Engineer with any special requests - 800.860.4867, 513.351.9919 or e-mail

For each rental order placed, a Rental Agreement (see sample) is faxed along with the Terms and Conditions of our rental program. Please review the Rental Agreement carefully, as it details the shipping, billing and product information as understood by The Modal Shop (i.e., it indicates our order acceptance and confirmation). A  signed fax return sheet is required for the rental to ship. This indicates agreement with details listed on the Rental Agreement and to our Terms and Conditions.

Rental Period Related Questions

Certain items may be reserved for testing, even months in advance. Typically these include large data acquisition or excitation systems, meters or analyzers used for consulting projects, large quantities of transducers, or specialty transducers.

Rentals begin one day after the equipment has been shipped, and end the day they are received at TMS.

Depending on the product, certain long-term discounts may apply if the rental period is fixed from the rental start date.

You don’t need to contact TMS to extend your rental, unless the rental had a fixed return date or a TMS representative has contacted you and requested a return. Invoices will be automatically sent each rental period for PO orders; credit card orders will be billed accordingly.

Payment Related Questions

If you do not have credit with us but do have active approved credit with PCB or any PCB Group company, please indicate this when placing a rental order.  If you do not have approved credit with The Modal Shop, request a New Customer Credit Application from any Application Engineer at TMS. This one-page form can be completed in a minimal amount of time and can be approved within hours. You can download this form here and return via fax. You can respond with your own form provided it has your company details, tax ID number, bank reference with contact details, and three trade references with address and contact details.

Puchase Orders with Net 30 terms are accepted from any company with an open account and approved credit from TMS. Visa, MasterCard and American Express card orders are also accepted for rental from anyone with approved credit as well. Please note that all American Express orders are billed through PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

Shipment Related Questions

Depending on the product mix and amount of testing required, one to two days is typically requested to assure on-time delivery. Orders for small quantities of in-stock product can be tested and shipped same-day in urgent situations. Large rentals and systems may take longer for testing.

Shipping costs are not included in rental fees. Select any standard UPS, FedEx or equivalent options for delivery, and charges are added to the invoice or credit card bill accordingly. Urgent shipments can be made via a same-day shipper such as Delta Dash for a nominal handling charge added to the shipment fee.

Your responsibility for the rental equipment begins when we ship and ends when we receive the equipment back at TMS.  Typically business insurance will cover the product while you are responsible for it for loss or damage.  You should check with your insurance provider to check your individual coverage.

Rental returns can be shipped in original containers to The Modal Shop, 10310 Aerohub Boulevard, Cincinnati OH 45215. Products are tracked by serial/ID numbers, and shipments can be marked attn: Rental Return.

Rental returns can be shipped in original containers to The Modal Shop, 10310 Aerohub Boulevard, Cincinnati OH 45215 USA. Products are tracked by serial/ID numbers, and shipments can be marked attn: Rental Return. Please visit our International Rental Returns page more information on shipment preparation, customs clearance and commercial invoices.

Calibration Related Questions

The Modal Shop has internal calibration intervals set for most test products at 1 year.  ANSI/ISO/IEC 17025:2000 makes clear that it is the responsibility of the end-user organization (in this case, the renter) to determine the appropriate calibration interval under the requirements of its own quality system.  Per this, calibration certificates of rented equipment have "calibrated on" dates, but blank "calibration due" dates.  Rentals ship with a customer specific expected return date in mind - if equipment is expected out for 5 months, the last calibration date will be within the past 7 months.  Calibration to addtional standards (e.g. Z540 or specific FAA requirements) are possible, there may be an additional charge.

Rental products are functionally checked prior to each shipment and upon every rental return.