International Rental Returns

Return Shipment Details

Return Methods

Rental products can be returned to The Modal Shop by courier, air freight, or surface transport.

Prior to Shipping
Please email The Modal Shop for special instructions related to customs clearance and proof of export. The Modal Shop will advise on the required documentation to help ensure that items clear US customs as quickly as possible.  Efficient customs clearance will eliminate unnecessary clearance, storage and rental charges.

Draft Commercial Invoice with the Shipment Should Include

  1. Reason for return of goods to the United States
  2. Whether goods will be returned to client after assessment or repair
  3. A full description of all items, including model and serial numbers
  4. Original TMS Order Number and Purchase Order Number
  5. A commercial value for customs purposes   

Return to
The Modal Shop, Inc.
10310 Aerohub Boulevard
Cincinnati, OH   45215

Telephone: +1 513.351.9919
Fax: +1 513.458.2172

Please contact The Modal Shop with any questions.