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2000X01 - Head Expander
2000X01 - Head Expander
2000X01 - Head Expander Attached to Shaker
2000X01 - Head Expander Attached to Shaker
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Vibration Shaker Head Expander

Model 2000X01 for Vibration Testing

The 2000X01 Head Expander, designed for use with the 2075E and 2110E vibration shakers, increases the mounting footprint for vibration shaker testing.  By providing a broader mounting surface, the Head Expander allows shaker users to test objects larger than those that can be attached directly to the shaker platform.  With the ability to test objects of greater size or footprint, Head Expanders permit shakers to be used in a more diverse range of applications. The 2000X01, composed of lightweight magnesium, offers high strength-to-weight ratios.  The Head Expander weighs 2.0 lbs (0.9 kg), has a 7 inch (175 mm) diameter and includes a hole pattern to match the top of the shaker. 


  • Quadruples existing shaker mounting surface area
  • Increases shaker testing capabilities
  • High strength-to-weight ratios due to magnesium construction

The 2000X01 Head Expander is available for both the 2075E and 2110E general purpose vibration shakers.  A metric version, M2000X01, makes the head expander suitable for use with M5 inserts.

General Specifications


Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 2.1 inches
Mounting Surface Thickness 0.63 inches

Acceleration Uniformity


Standard Grid Frequency Range
+/- 1 dB DC - 1800 Hz
+/- 3 dB DC - 3500 Hz

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