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Shaker Isolation Mounts
Shaker Isolation Mounts
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Vibration Shaker Isolation Mounts

Series 2000X02 for Vibration Testing

Series 2000X02 Isolation Mounts offer shaker users the ability to limit the transmission of vibration during testing to the surrounding area.  Isolation mounts are bolted to the bottom of the shaker trunnion base prior to testing in order to decouple the shaker vibration from the environment during operation. Series 2000X02 are made of high damping rubber to absorb significant levels of vibration interference.  The mounts provide isolation for frequencies greater than 20 Hz for sine testing and greater than 10 Hz for random testing.


  • Provide sine testing isolation for frequencies greater than 10 Hz
  • Provide random testing isolation for frequencies greater than 20 Hz
  • Limit overall effects of vibration equipment on surrounding environment

Series 2000X02 anti-vibration Isolation Mounts, available in sets of four, accommodate both the 2075E and 2110E general purpose vibration shakers.