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2002E Miniature Electrodynamic Inertial Shaker
2002E Miniature Electrodynamic Inertial Shaker
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Inertial Electrodynamic Shaker

Model 2002E

The 2002E Miniature Electrodynamic Inertial Shaker is a compact and lightweight force generator whose construction makes it well-suited for modal testing as well as a variety of general vibration testing applications.

The generator has a single 0.141 in (3.58 mm) diameter mounting through-hole and a rugged internal suspension system that eliminates test fixture requirements for most testing applications. Miscellaneous mounting screws are supplied to facilitate installation of the unit, either directly to the test structure or through a force sensor. The 2002E can be operated in any orientation and is therefore easily positioned for modal or general excitation applications offering optimal performance over a wide 20 Hz to 3000 Hz frequency range.

A unique inverted armature coil design and the latest composite materials combine to offer excellent axial compliance and high lateral stiffness, ensuring reliability and robustness. When the 2002E is combined with a power amplifier and a Model 208 Series piezoelectric force sensor (or Model 288 Series impedance head) from PCB Piezotronics, Inc., the system becomes an ideal compact force generator for driving point modal excitation or general purpose vibration excitation with unmatched reliability, performance and cost.


  • Compact size allows easy set-up for difficult-to-access locations
  • 2 lbf (9 N) sine force excitation
  • Direct mounting requires no special fixturing support or manual alignment
  • In-line fuse for overcurrent protection
  • Wide frequency range from 20 Hz to 3 kHz
  • Compatible with piezoelectric force transducers and shaker amplifiers


  • General vibration testing and structural excitation
  • Impedence measurements
  • Experimental modal analysis
  • Educational laboratory research

Complete kit with miniature amplifier available.