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Turnkey Accelerometer Calibration Workstation

The Accelerometer Calibration Workstation Model 9155 is a turnkey solution that provides all the necessary components out of the box. Principal components include a Windows PC Controller, software, printer and 24-bit data acquisition card and software. System options allow custom configuration of the modular system with a variety of calibration-grade exciter systems, accelerometer signal conditioning, test software modules and mounting accessories.

To learn more about how a 9155 system can meet your specific needs, click to view a calibration configuration guide or contact The Modal Shop’s Calibration Team.

9155 Complete System

Model 9155 Automated Accelerometer Calibration Workstation system
shown with options -100, -443, -445, -478, -830

In addition to a variety of exciters, a range of hardware and software choices are available to expand your capabilities. From options to perform a resonance check or a laser primary calibration to a range of sensor signal conditioning options, the 9155 system can be customized to fit a variety of testing needs.


Option Range Shaker model Application
9155D-525 20 - 10 000 g 9525C Shock
9155D-771 0.5 - 500 Hz 2129E025 Low Frequency
9155D-779 0.1 - 500 Hz 2129E025 Ultra Low Frequency
9155D-830 5 - 15 000 Hz K394B30 Broad Frequency
9155D-831 5 - 20 000 Hz K394B31 Extended High Frequency
9155D-875 10 - 10 000 Hz 2075E-875 Heavy Payload


Option Description
9155D-100 Rack Integration system components in 19 in equipment rack
9155D-120 Shaker Mount Option provides wood pedestal to support calibration shaker
9155D-350 Automated Label Printing includes label printer
9155D-400 Automated TEDS Sensor Support requires 9155D-443
9155D-442 Signal Conditioning ICP® includes PCB Model 442A102
9155D-443 Signal Conditioning Dual Mode Charge Amplifier (ICP®/Charge) includes PCB Model 443B101
9155D-445 Signal Conditioning Capacitive Sensor includes PCB Model 445A101
9155D-478 Signal Conditioning Piezoresistive includes PCB Model 478A30
9155D-501 Automated Linearity Check, up to 40 g pk requires
9155D-830 or 9155D-831
9155D-550 Automated Resonance Test, up to 50 kHz requires
9155D-830 or 9155D-831
9155D-575 Laser Primary System, includes two dual pass laser interferometers and accessories
9155D-600 Automated Velocity Sensor Calibration