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Accelerometer Calibration Workstation
Accelerometer Calibration Workstation
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9155 Accelerometer Calibration Software

Features for Accurate Calibration

As a crucial part of the Model 9155 Accelerometer Calibration Workstation, the Windows control software has been designed to provide accurate calibration of accelerometers and an easy-to-use graphical user interface, based on the 40+ years of accelerometer manufacturing experience at PCB Piezotronics.


  • 9155 software is the core component of a system that calibrates a wide range of sensors
  • Supports stepped sine at up to 200 user definable frequencies and amplitudes
  • User interface available in any character set, supporting any language
  • Database of sensor specifications and test requirements automates system set-up
  • Clearly defines Pass/Fail criteria for each sensor type
  • Software automatically updates TEDS sensors with new calibration data (option 9155D-400)
  • Phase measurement calibration provides additional confidence in sensors
  • Reports calibration data in English or metric units
  • Retrieve and archive calibration data in SQL compliant database
  • Printed calibration certificates comply with ISO 17025 requirements and can be customized to user requirements

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