Why Rent Sound and Vibration Instrumentation?

Is Rental the Right Choice for Your Project?

Not only does The Modal Shop offer just the right product to expand your channel count or get you testing on a limited budget, we also offer support, training, and services. From 24/7 call-in support to experienced test engineers arriving onsite with equipment to providing a final report, we provide solutions to meet your testing needs. Contact our team of experts to learn more.

Renting Test and Measurement Tools Simplifies Testing

  • Quickly obtain the most advanced instrumentation at minimum cost
  • Expand existing channel count on an as-needed basis
  • Perfect for short-term or one time applications
  • Try before you buy
  • Guards against the risk of obsolescence
  • Never worry about calibration fees or deal with in-house instrumentation that is out of your specified calibration interval
  • Leasing options are available
  • Eliminates calibration-related cost of ownership issues
  • Rental allows an immediate expense deduction - no capital purchase authorization or depreciation calculations. With the TMS Rental Equity Program, rental payments apply toward purchase of the equipment.

Why Rent from The Modal Shop?

  • The Modal Shop offers quality, calibrated, simplified testing solutions from basic sound and vibration sensors to complete measurement systems
  • Stock items available for fast delivery
  • Our Team can help you solve your experimental test problems with our information network. TMS works with leading university research laboratories as well as most dynamic test hardware and software manufacturers.
  • If you're unsure about sensors or systems for your testing application, our experienced application engineers can help you with technical consultation and selections of the best equipment for your needs