Rental Services and Add-On Kits

From Rental First Aid to Extended Frequency Calibration

Many of our rental accelerometers include mounting bases, mounting studs, removal tools, and sometimes integral cables as noted on accelerometer pages. Cables, mounting magnets, triaxial mounting adapters, and cable adapters are also available. In addition to these, this page details the most requested optional add-ons to accelerometer rentals.

Rental Rx

Rental First Aid Kit

We understand how Murphy’s Law can apply to even the best laid plans. A coaxial cable end may fail, or the cable may be a victim to rotating machines or an equipment cart. Or a small mounting base or stud falls into a machine, never to be seen again. The Rental First Aid kit includes no-charge incidental equipment to be used as needed, and returned with remainder of rental.

Include part number “Rental Rx” to get a no-charge bag of additional items (duplicate cables, bases, mounting studs and more) that may come in handy during your test. If cable failure occurs, please note the cable number (each have a unique ID) and include details of failure with the rental return. Certain items, such as mounting bases and studs, are also included. Use these items if the original items are inadvertently lost or additional are needed. Items not returned will be charged at list.


Preparation charge for water resistant cable/accelerometer junction.

If renting a hermetically sealed sensor and mating cable, add on “TMS WP” to provide an assembly of the cable directly attached and sealed to the sensor’s electrical connector with o-rings and heat-shrink tubing. This sealing process guards against contamination from dirt and fluids, permits short-term underwater use, and is ideal for sensors in spray or humid environments.

Extended Frequency Calibration

Although some sensors (e.g., 393 Series seismic accelerometers) are provided with low-frequency calibrations down to 0.5 Hz, most rental single axis and triaxial sensors include calibration from at least 10 Hz to upper 5% of the frequency limit of the axis. The Modal Shop offers a standard calibration starting at 5 Hz, but many recently purchased accelerometers may only include factory standard calibration data from 10 Hz on up. Notes detailing what calibration is included for each sensor are included on related sensor pages on our site. NIST traceable low frequency calibration is available for any standard sensor at an additional charge, and additional calibration options may be available. Contact us for details.

Return Shipping Label Service

The Modal Shop can provide return shipping labels on request for your rental. A great option when traveling for short term jobs to eliminate the hassle of generating shipping paperwork. Simply repack the equipment in the same box and ship back to The Modal shop with the provided shipping label. Contact us for details.