Seismic Vibration Monitoring System Rental

Portable Wireless Civil Engineering Vibration Monitoring | SYSCOM ROCK

Ideally suited for large-scale vibration monitoring projects and vibration monitoring compliance, ROCK is highly autonomous and quickly installed on-site. ROCK is a cable-free seismometer and vibration recorder. Switch it on and log into your included SCS account to start monitoring from off-site in no time.

The rugged design offers best-in-class IP65 ingress protection for temporary immersion under water, and the system is tailored for harsh outdoor environments. The small footprint allows it to fit into tight spaces.


  • Compact, wireless vibration monitoring device
  • Best-in-class internal triaxial geophones with wide frequency range
  • Single button operation
  • Cloud-based software simplifies
    • Remote access to vibration levels
    • Customizable alerts and alarms
    • Setup to comply with local regulations


  • Civil Engineering Vibration Monitoring
  • Construction Vibration Monitoring
  • Traffic Vibration Monitoring
  • Blast Vibration Monitoring
  • Demolition Vibration Monitoring
  • Vibration Compliance
  • Avoid Risk from Potential Property Damage
  • Document Vibration Levels to Defend Against Claims

Learn more about the benefits of ROCK Wireless Vibration Monitoring of roadway or railway traffic or construction vibration by watching this webinar-on-demand.

Why ROCK for Civil Engineering Vibration Monitoring? 

  • Data plan included
  • Trigger-based event and/or continuous background recording modes
  • Up to 4 s pre-event time @1000 sps and 30 s post event time, selectable related to sampling rate
  • ±135 mm | ±5.3 in/s measuring range
  • >110 dB dynamic range @1000 sps with 24 bits A/D converters
  • 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 Hz sampling rate, selectable
  • Best in class DIN45669 Class 1 compliant, 1-350 Hz frequency range
  • Smart notifications via text SMS or email with enhanced alarming
  • Runs autonomously for 6 months, typical
  • Optional integrated solar panel version available for extended run times
  • Triaxial (XYZ) velocity sensor, wall or floor mount orientation
  • Monitored system state of health (with selectable test-pulse) and system metrics

Simplify Seismic Vibration Monitoring with SYSCOM Cloud Software

SYSCOM Cloud Software (SCS) is cloud-based and provides easy access to your vibration recordings from anywhere. Setup of your personalized SCS account is easy and takes less than a few minutes. Centralize all the information from your monitoring projects and provide an overview of all active ROCK monitoring projects at a glance. Automatic project reporting and comparison with compliance curves are key features of the SCS. Link any ROCK device to your account and start generating results in no time.

SCS Cloud Software Capabilities

  • No additional charge – use of SCS included with rental
  • Ability to run, control, and monitor ROCK remotely
  • Ability to generate and distribute custom reports
  • Predefined vibration standards and norms used for testing
  • Ability to configure and mimic ROCK settings for other units
  • Sync background reports from ROCK when inactive for verification
  • User permissions for read or write access

Construction and Structural Vibration Standards Supported by ROCK

  • RI 8507-OSMRE (USA)
  • DIN 4150-3 (GERMANY)
  • SN 640312 (SWITZERLAND)
  • BS 5228 (UK)
  • BS 7385-2 (UK)
  • ARRETE de 1994 (FRANCE)
  • NP 2074 (FRANCE)
  • Circulaire du 23/07/1986 (FRANCE)
  • UNE 22-381 (SPAIN)
  • AS 2187-2 (AUSTRIA)
  • PN-B-02170 (POLAND)

ROCK Vibration Monitoring Systems Rental Ordering

KROCK-H-A-X | Horizonal Mount

  • Horizontal Mount ROCK kit for ground/floor-mounted installation

Floor Mount ROCK Rental Includes

  • ROCK-2003I-H-A-X - Horizontal mount ROCK unit with internal battery
  • 81000631 - Micro USB Cable, 1.8m
  • 87000318 - USB Charger, North American Plug
  • 74710129 - Carrying Case, for up to 3 ROCK Units
  • Calibration - Documentation

Floor Mount ROCK Options and Accessories

  • 13100001 - Set of 3 Ground Spikes
  • 13100020 - Mounting Plate
  • 87000321 - Extender Antenna, Remote LTE Cat-M1 Antenna, 2 m Cable
  • 90001052 - Anti-theft Field Cover/Band
  • SOLAR - Option for ROCK hardware with integrated solar panel (order KROCK-H-A-S to substitute ROCK-2003I-H-A-S unit)

KROCK-V-A-X | Wall Mount

  • Vertical Mount ROCK kit for wall-mounted installation

Wall Mount ROCK Rental Includes

  • ROCK-2003I-V-A-X - Vertical mount ROCK unit with internal battery
  • 13100021 - Wall Mounting Plate
  • 81000631 - Micro USB Cable, 1.8m
  • 87000318 - USB Charger, North American Plug
  • 74710129 - Carrying Case, for up to 3 ROCK units
  • Calibration - Documentation

Wall Mount ROCK Options and Accessories

  • 87000321 - Extender Antenna, Remote LTE Cat-M1 Antenna, 2m Cable
  • 90001052 - Anti-theft Field Cover/Band
  • SOLAR - Option for ROCK hardware with integrated solar panel (order KROCK-V-A-S to substitute ROCK-2003I-V-A-S unit)

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Who is SYSCOM?

SYSCOM Swiss facility, fully ISO9001 certified, utilizes modern, automated production and test equipment to assure cost-competitiveness and high quality products.