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Vibration Monitoring Solution | Mini-Seis III

The Mini-Seis III is a portable seismograph built for ruggedness, reliability, accuracy and power conservation. The system includes a Mini-Seis III with seismic package and microphone, water resistant case, cellular modem, cabling and power.

The Mini-Seis III supports USB for data transfer to a computer and thumb drive. It has over 500 MB of memory and can store over 2000 waveform records. It has an easy-to-read display and is designed for low power. With a fully charged battery the unit will operate from 7 to 10 days at 1024 samples per second. Longer times may be obtained using the timer mode or external power from a solar panel or deep cycle battery.

Seismic Specifications

  • Range - Standard 260 mm/s (10.24 in/s)
  • Resolution - 0.008 mm/s (0.0003 in/s) depending on the range
  • Frequency Range (ISEE) - 2 to 250 Hz
  • Frequency Range (DIN) - 1 to 315 Hz

Acoustic Specifications

  • Weighting - Linear overpressure or A weighting
  • Linear Range - 0.0156 Pa (0.000156 Mb) depending on range
  • Linear Frequency Range - 2 to 250 Hz
  • A Weighting Range - 50 to 120 dBA
  • A Weighting Resolution - 0.1dBA

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What Does MINI-SEIS III Offer?

  • Three seismic channels and one acoustic channel
  • Sampling rates from 1024, 2048, 4096 and 16384 over 4 channels
  • Waveform duration from 1 to 120 seconds at rates of 1024 to 4096, 1 to 7 seconds at 16384
  • Selectable 16 or 12 bit resolution when retrieving data
  • Memory storage for over two thousand waveform and histogram records
  • Direct data retrieval via USB and/or USB thumb drive
  • Serial baud rates up to 230400
  • Remote access with approved cellular modem
  • Waveform, Histogram, Histogram/Waveform and Manual operating modes
  • Special sensitivity options
  • A weighted sound option

Cellular Data Plans for MINI-SEIS III

Compatible with any network device that supports serial.

  • Pre-Configured Modem Set Up
  • Remote Access through Cellular, Satellite, and Wi-Fi
  • Optional GPS Location
  • Automatic Alerts Available

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