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Why Rent Sound and Vibration Equipment?

Why is Sound and Vibration Rental Right for Your Next Project

Do you hear that?  It’s the sound of the ocean.  Such a relaxing place… 

Sorry to bring you back to reality - it’s not time for your summer beach getaway just yet.  When you head off for vacation, we’re betting that you have rented a car or a home for your stay, or perhaps even a boat for the day.  You don’t need any of these things long term, so renting is a great option.  Have you ever considered that you can rent equipment for your next test or application?  Our Sound & Vibration Rental Program team at The Modal Shop, is here to help demystify the reasons rental can make sense for your project. (Read more...)

Benefits of Rental:

  • Quickly obtain the most advanced instrumentation at minimum cost.
  • Expand existing channel count on an as-needed basis.
  • Perfect for short-term or one time applications.
  • Try before you buy.
  • Guards against the risk of obsolescence.
  • Never worry about calibration fees or deal with in-house instrumentation that is out of your specified calibration interval.
  • Leasing options are available.
  • Eliminates calibration-related cost of ownership issues.
  • Rental allows an immediate expense deduction - no capital purchase authorization or depreciation calculations. With the TMS Rental Equity Program, rental payments apply toward purchase of the equipment.

Why the Modal Shop?

  • TMS offers quality, calibrated, simplified testing solutions from basic sound and vibration sensors to complete measurement systems.
  • Stock items available for fast delivery.
  • TMS can help you solve your experimental test problems with our information network. TMS works with leading university research laboratories as well as most dynamic test hardware and software manufacturers.
  • If you're unsure about sensors or systems for your testing application, experienced TMS application engineers can help you with technical consultation and selections of the best equipment for your needs.