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VTI Instruments (formely VXI/Agilent/HP)

The Modal Shop now offers the SentinelEX Integrated Data Acquisition product family from VTI building upon the industry standard VXI platform. The SentinelEX family leverages the LXI and PXIe standards. LXI is the largest instrumentation standard for rack mount programmable instruments, whereas PXIe is the new modular card standard based on the PCI Express bus. Combining the power of both of these standards allows the SentinelEX family to scale from a handful to thousands of channels of mixed DAQ and satisfy applications from low-speed temperature to high-speed NVH within one family.  See below for equipment details.

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An industry standard, offering a high-performance system architecture for demanding mechanical, sound and vibration data acquisition applications. Features parallel processing architecture and a dedicated high speed local bus for fast data transfer to the host computer. The Modal Shop offers a variety of VXI cards, mainframes, and accessories (see below for details).  Multiple cards can be added to expand to the channel count desired. We also offer VT324xA breakout boxes that accept voltage inputs or power traditional ICP® transducers. For a general overview of the hardware, click here.

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DAC Express data recording/logging software is also available with VXI equipment. The software comes prepared on a system controller.  Features include:

  • Combine synchronized multichannel analog, digital, and frequency measurements
  • Combine dynamic and static measurements
  • File sizes up to 2 Giga samples per channel
  • Real-time display customizes easily to optimize visualization
  • Easily export data to MATLAB®, Excel® and other standard programs
SentinelEX EMX PXIE Cards
EMX-4250 16-Channel 24-bit ADC's PXIE module, 204.8 kSa/s max sample rate, 7 auto-ranges from 100 mV to 10V, -105 dB SFDR, Datasheet
EMX-2500 Gigabit Ethernet LXI Remote controller for PXI Express, up to 100 MB/s sustained throughput and multi-chassis synchronization
SentinelEX Mainframes
CMX18 18-slot PXI Express chassis with 1 system controller slot, 6 peripheral slots, 10 hybrid slots, and 1 timing slot
SentinelEX 16 Channel Break Out Boxes
EMX-4016* 16 BNC connections wiht LED health indicator, rack mountable


VXI C-Size Cards
VT1432A* 16-Channel 16-bit C-size VXI module, 51.2 kSa/s max sample rate, anti-alias protection, digitization and high speed simultaneous measurement, 32 megabytes of RAM, Datasheet
VT1432B 16-Channel 24-bit C-size VXI module, 102.4 kSa/s max sample rate, anti-alias protection, digitization and high speed simultaneous measurement, 32 megabytes of RAM
VT1433A* 8-Channel C-size VXI module, 192 kSa/s max sample rate, anti-alias protection, digitization and high speed simultaneous measurement, 32 megabytes of RAM, Datasheet
VT1434A 4-Channel C-size VXI module, 65 kSa/s arbitrary source, built-in sine and random waveforms, continuous arbitrary waveforms of any length, optional 5th source channel, Datasheet
VT1562D VXI dual data disk and SCSI-2 interface
VT8491B VXI IEEE-1394 FireWire PC link to VXI
EX2500A LXI-VXI Gigabit Ethernet slot-0 interface, allows 40 Mb/s block transfer rates

*Common Card Options: 1D4 Additional arbitrary source, ANC 32MB RAM, AYF Tachometer input, UGV Local bus interface installed

VXI C-Size Mainframes
E8408A 4-slot C-size VXI mainframe
E1421B 6-slot C-size VXI mainframe
E1401B 13-slot C-size VXI mainframe
VXI 8-Channel Break Out Boxes
VT3240A* 8 BNC input and 2 VXI output, voltage inputs
VT3241A* 8 BNC input and 2 VXI output, selectable ICP/voltage inputs

*Grounding Notes:
Each connector on the breakout box has a small manual switch next to it. When this switch is in the “GND” position the outer shell of the connector is grounded to the chassis ground of the VXI mainframe. When it is in the “DIFF” position it is not grounded to the mainframe and will float if not grounded elsewhere in the system (such as at the sensor). The connector shell should not be allowed to float: if the switch is in the “DIFF” position the shell should be grounded elsewhere in the system.

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